2006 PGO Evo G-Max 150 from Philippines




Side stand folded while parked - the bike fell, broke the left brake handles, and scraped the flarings.

General Comments:

Fast acceleration, nice handling.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

25th Mar 2006, 02:33

The GMax seems to be almost an exact copy of the Peugeot Jet Force. It may be that optimising the chassis and mechanical layout of a scooter will logically produce such a design.

WHAT Bike tested the Peugeot and compared the handling to a Maserati (well, in scooter terms...), and praised the roadholding, ride, and braking efficiency.

We should be glad PGO has the confidence to replicate such a successful model, hopefully at a more accessible price point.

The 150cc version is to enable motorway travel, as the 125cc engine is said to be a bit weak.

Air/oil cooling helps reduce weight, and is very reliable these days, but watercooling might have given greater long distance assurance of longevity, and would have enabled a higher horsepower level.

The seat height might limit padding quantity, hence the reduced comfort assessment. This has also affected other models eg Kymco People 250 where packaging overrides long term saddle comfort. The Peugeot has a slightly higher seat, making shorter folk less steady at a stop.

Anyway, the GMax looks like a real winner in its market sector.

13th Jan 2009, 11:45

A little weak on initial acceleration. Handling is OUTSTANDING! Brakes, too. Can't ride this puppy without grinning ear to ear. Would love to have more power (available only in Europe).