2008 Polaris Victory Kingpin Deluxe from United States of America


Do not buy this brand


A review of a 2008 Kingpin Tour.

Special order blacked out Kingpin Tour with chrome highlights. Purchased fresh out of the box in May of 08’. Currently has 7500 miles on it as of 10 Dec 09. Purchased from a local dealer in Wisconsin for $17,800 to include tax, tag and title. Currently bike has tour package and:

2 into 1 performance exhaust ($947).

Arlene Ness tear drop mirrors ($86) for a pair, $47 for a replacement.

Leather bag covers ($56 a pair). Don’t even match and bought as a pair.

Bike cover ($120 black).

Extended 4 yr warranty ($500+).

500 mile tune up ($256), highly recommended in owner’s manual.

Replaced rear tire due to a flat ($478, to include towing, tire $286, and labor).

General Comments:

Not a good product. Disappointing across the full spectrum from customer service to machine issues. This motorcycle is expensive not just financially, but with personal time.

Within the time frame this bike has been owned, it has had a burned out “fuel sending unit”, burned out head lamp, blown baffle in stock exhaust, over tightened O2 sensor at factory that broke during exhaust upgrades done by dealer, issues with the drive belt and torque, issues to eliminate belt rub, rusting chrome in multiple areas, a pinging noise coming from the new 2 into 1 performance exhaust.

The bike shifts very hard, jerks and lurches in low gears at low speeds, and something shifts its weight inside the bike when coming to a brisk stop. Speaking of stopping, the brakes are mush. The seat is extremely uncomfortable and makes me angry after 20 minutes of riding. Had to buy an Air hawk seat ($130).

Opinion of customer service from a range of Victory dealers in Wisconsin to New Hampshire.

Customer service is good during the time large ticket products are being bought. Anything after that things quickly go to hell in a hand basket.

The Left Arlen Ness tear drop mirror broke off while driving down the street. It took 4 days to find a company that does not sell mirrors in a set. The mirrors are individually packaged, what is the big deal for a customer to get one mirror?

When I got a flat tire, no one in Northern New Hampshire would work on the bike except Victory dealers. Then the Victory dealer had my bike for 1 full day to replace the tire along with an additional 6 hours to correct a torquing issue on the drive belt to keep it from making a god awful noise when in motion. My motorcycle was my only source of transportation, and all Victory dealers were more than 20 miles away from my deployed location. This is the time customer service matters for a bike that 20K has been spent.

The pinging noise from the new exhaust was brought to the attention of my dealer, since they were the ones who installed it. They kept the bike for 12 days and did not call me to update on the status of the bike. I went in to check on the bike, and I was told that it was too cold and that no one wanted to ride the bike in weather that was in the 50’s. Finally some one rode the bike the day I complained. After that I was told that the items I had in my saddle bags were causing the noise. I accepted the explanation and drove home. I removed the bags and there is still a pinging noise coming from the exhaust. I informed the dealer of my dilemma and was told to bring it in at the beginning of Spring 2010.

Being fed up with the bike and the customer service, I decided to trade my bike for an ATV or two. So I contacted some local dealers and none of them want anything to do with a Victory. They (5 different dealers including Polaris dealers) told me to wait for Spring and they would give me 7K for it. Even the dealer I purchased from and have had all my work done, will not even offer me anything within reason. This made me realize that Victory retains no value, despite the fact that this was a selling point from the salesman when purchasing a Victory of this caliber. Victory has no caliber, Victory should not charge this much for a questionable machine.

This review is poorly written. It was suppose to be quick and straight to the point, and sentences were to be in a bullet format. But the facts are here, and the underlying theme is that Victory is not the product it has spent millions to advertise. I know what it is like to have your mind made up and to have those beautiful swept motorcycle lines reflecting those showroom lights back into the pleasure centers of your brain, but step back and ask yourself if you are acting like a fish to a shiny lure, ready to get hooked and taken for a ride. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t buy a Victory.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2009

2nd Feb 2015, 17:12

I have a Victory Kingpin and have had none of these issues. Of all my friends who ride, several own Victory bikes... they all love them. They have been very dependable and comfortable. My Kingpin Deluxe turns more heads than any other bike on our rides, and some of the guys have decked out Harleys.

My only complaint is the shift lever was not hydraulic... but that was an easy $400 fix.

2006 Polaris Victory Kingpin Deluxe from United States of America


Excellent cruiser for those demanding style, class, and power


Recalls, although nothing was found wrong with the installed products.

Rear brake pad wear.

General Comments:

Excellent cruiser, acceleration is awesome, handling is miles ahead of my former bike, the 2000 Honda Aero.

Styling is awe inspiring, power is off the charts, and comfort (even for longer trips) is better than average, even for the stock seat.

My wife is far more comfortable on the Kingpin, than she was on the Honda Aero.

My favorite thing about the Victory Kingpin Deluxe is the cruiser styling. It separates you from the rest of the pack, it's not the cookie-cutter, another one off the assembly line styled bike.

One negative thing is the amount of aftermarket goodies for the Victory line. It's getting there, but nothing compared to the industry leader, Honda.

I would definitely recommend the Victory line of motorcycles to friends, relatives, and any stranger that wants a stylish bike at an affordable price.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

17th Apr 2015, 15:23

I have two good friends who ride Victories. One is the 100 CI Hammer and the other is a 2013 Boardwalk 106 CI. They both love their machines, and I have to agree after riding both. I am currently in the process of buying one for myself. Victory/Polaris is much more bang for your buck vs Harley.

Austin, Texas.