2004 Polaris Victory Touring Cruiser from United States of America


A very affordable, reliable big cruiser


The previous owner had the drive belt break at 7500 miles, but I've had no further problems. I had to replace a broken clutch cable.

I put in a new battery in 2015. The original, weak battery made the 'check engine signal' flash.

The connection for the headlight doesn't fit the headlight tight, so I lost the low beam. I put a little shim in it and it's been fine. The parts list doesn't show this part. I've read these bikes were designed for the owner to do basic maintenance. The maintenance schedule doesn't call for anything until 25000 miles, except for oil changes.

General Comments:

I bought the bike 2012 from a fellow veteran with health problems. It had hardly been ridden in four years.

I replaced the plugs, changed the oil, serviced the K&N air filter, ran some fuel injection cleaner in it, cleaned the throttle bodies and replaced the tires to be safe because they were 8 years old, not worn. Oil changes are a bit expensive, because it calls for semi synthetic oil, around $8-$9/qt. and it takes SIX(!) quarts, as it is a single unit engine, like a Sportster.

You juice this thing and it feels like you're ridding a train engine. Lots of torque.

The brakes feel like you might do a somersault if you hit them hard.

I only gave it a 7 for comfort, but the only other large bikes I've had were an 850 Moto Guzzi Eldorado and a Honda Goldwing. The Victory is a vee twin, so it's not really fair to compare with the other bikes. I'm sure the ride is comparable with other inline vee twins. Overall, the bike is much smoother than a Harley as far as vibration goes. Not knocking Harley, it's just a different design.

I gave it a 5 for handling because this bike was made to cruise highways, not straighten out the twisties.

Independent repair shops don't like Polaris, because they don't sell them parts at a resale discount, like they do the dealers. Also, Victorys don't keep a high resale value like a Harley. I got a deal on mine for $5K, and I still see them for sale at that price.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2016