22nd Feb 2010, 00:52

Too much to fix in this little review. Where to start?

How about the motor. This thing shoots off the line like a rocket. I have a friend with a V-rod, and it's a dead race through first gear, then hit second and leave the v-rod in the dust.

Now the cheap comment. Cheap plastic that is chrome plated? Where is this exactly? The "cheese wedges" on the motor? Yeah okay. But where else? Seems about the same as the Harley to me.

Also, too expensive? I think you might be able to get a Sportster for about the same price and have much less of a bike. Less style, less power, and less looks and compliments.

I can speak for the strength of this bike both in looks and power and reliability. I rode to Sturgis, got tons of looks, rode a lot of miles, and shifted through all five gears in the burn out pit without a problem.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Harley's and think they are an amazing bike. For the money and style and performance, hands down the Victory Vegas is a much better pick.

19th Aug 2010, 18:26

In response to the questions about where the plastic is; look at the speedometer, the grips on the bike, the turn signals, the control assembly, the air box, also notice the lighter gauge metal used in the construction. As more proof of crappy construction, look at the exposed staples in the seat. Who would design something like that?

As for handling and performance, all I hear people talk about is how it has more power, more power, more power. What about the rest of the drive-train? The tranny is offensively cheap, and historically has had problems. The 5-speed included doesn't compliment the larger displacement engine, so you're forced to rev it up, and go nowhere. And about that speed vs Harley? A Nightster is faster than this.

And on to value... Don't kid yourself and think you're walking away a winner when you buy one of these. They lose money like a Yugo. So, save a little over a Harley, lose a ton later on. Do the research on used Vic's. It's out there.

But as long as you THINK you got a better deal...