2020 Royal Enfield Classic 500 from United States of America


Looks and rides like the 1950s


Engine cutting out at mid to high RPMs after the first 300 miles. Dealership was able to isolate it to the spark plug. Replaced with a hotter NGK plug and that seems to have corrected it.

There is a buzzing coming from the headlight assembly at almost any RPM. I can quiet it by putting my hand on the headlight so I just need to find a way to deaden the vibration, perhaps a small bit of foam.

General Comments:

You buy a classic 500 for the looks not the performance. When people ask me how it rides I reply "Like a tractor. But also like a tractor it will go all day."

0-60 mph this bike just chugs along without a care. I have had it over 70mph in ideal conditions with a little throttle left, but if there is much of a headwind you can forget those magical higher numbers even exist.

You get tons of looks and people asking questions. So that is fun. And if you are willing to wait a few weeks, parts from India on eBay are exponentially cheaper than from the dealer.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2020

2012 Royal Enfield Classic 500 from Canada


Affordable, looks great but doesn't perform that well


Maps sensor.

Air filter mount broke off.

Lots of nuts and bolts have rattled loose.

Replaced manifold.

General Comments:

Beautiful motorcycle, gets all kinds of attention; I've had people stop me at gas stations, grocery stores and even red lights to ask about it. Aside from the looks it was also very affordable; unfortunately the parts are somewhat expensive and tough to find in Canada.

The style and low initial cost are real pro's, but in the con column the gear box is very clumsy, often dropping out of gear, and the handling also leaves much to be desired, with the pegs and brake lever often hitting the ground when cornering.

Another problem is top speed, as the bike is far too slow for Canadian highways, the back sprocket is as small as can be; apparently you can purchase a larger front sprocket and I'm going to look into that this summer, but the bike needs to go at least another thirty kilometers per hour to be highway ready.

Basically, if you're really into performance or long road trips, I wouldn't recommend buying one, however if you want something to cruise around town on that looks really cool, this is the bike for you.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2018

2012 Royal Enfield Classic 500 from India


Like a friend, who wants you to enjoy the little details in life


The clutch wire broke when the odometer was around the 25000 km mark.

The indicators switch also turned faulty around the 25000 km mark.

General Comments:

The RE classic 500 EFI is not the best in the business. The torque is adequate, but the brakes are not precise.

This is not the quickest of bike, nor the smoothest.

Yet, I look back at least once, when I park her in the garage after returning from a ride... it's kind of a thank you :)

They coined it rightly as 'Classic', as the styling cues are taken from 1950's, and the overall characteristics of the bike take you back through history, like a magical lamp.

Indian roads throw some serious challenges to bikes, and the RE Classic 500 has taken most of them in her stride.

I have ridden her into the Himalayas, in the desert, in the plains & in the mud, and she never left me stranded.

The RE hits a sweet spot around 60-80 kmph, and within this range, you melt down... There are 5 gears in the transmission, and that signature thump sound asks you to keep her riding.

The mileage is around 36-38 kmpl, and a full tank consists of 11 liters.

In her share of problems, the engine vibration reaches the handle bar & reminds you where your tailbone is located on a long ride.

To sum up, when I ride her, the passing Japanese, American, Korean and Indian bikes don't bother me, as I am in a totally different world, with a smile across my face.

PS: Together we rode 27000 (& some) in 1 year, and she has given me the faith in her to plan a pan India ride, for the coming season.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2013