1993 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Amazing motor locked in a so-so bike


Synchronization cable snapped, carbs needed synched, charging issue traced to battery being wired wrong somehow.

General Comments:

This is my female friend's bike. 4 bikes and she settled on this one as it fit her the best.

The 800cc v-twin motor is an amazing piece of machinery. Gobs of torque anywhere in the range. Roll on performance is stellar. A real blast to ride.

Shaft drive is nice for longevity, but really gets sketchy in the rain with downshifting. Several times the back tire locked up briefly. I don't care for it. Careful letting the clutch out!

The skinny 21" front tire is NOT confidence inspiring, and makes curves out to be a real chore. This is not a bike for curvy roads.

The brakes are surprisingly good, if noisy. Power is much better than anticipated.

Stock seat absolutely needs replacing. No question.

The stock shocks are horribly under damped, making it pogo down the road after a bump. These weren't worn out either; I compared it to a new S50... same thing. Front springs are entirely too soft. Brake dive is disconcerting.

Seat height perfect for short people. She's 5-6 and flat foots it fine.

Decent gas mileage, around 45 highway.

Drill out the stock pipes for a much better sound without spending $$$ on aftermarkets. Actually improves engine performance too.

Water cooled on the 800, so no traffic worries.

Takes FOREVER to warm up. My other bikes are ready to go after a couple minutes of choke, this one doesn't smooth out until a few minutes. Maybe just this bike, but I've heard others say the same thing.

Spotty reliability. Many reports of one cylinder not firing (which I've had) and charging issues.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th August, 2007