10th Jul 2008, 13:30

Update (2.5 months). I have put on 1600 miles now, so I believe it is sufficiently broken in.

The choke problem: was pretty dumb of me. I just had to twist the black ring to tighten it. Duh. I know the weather is warmer now but I do believe that I have to choke it for a shorter period now the bike is broken in.

I added a Memphis Slim windshield, sissy bar (stock, couldn't find any aftermarket), and saddlebags. I average 50-60 mpg. I wish the bike had a 6th gear though, as I am searching for one at highway speed, and it would probably improve gas mileage and make the cruising a bit smoother.

23rd Aug 2008, 20:37

I am glad to see the bike grew on you. I am saving for a new S50 Suzuki. I like the fact the mileage got better as it broke in. A good sign that the rings are of some quality.

Just one question. I weigh in at just over 300 pounds. Do you think the 805cc engine has enough power for me to ride at highway speeds for an extended period of time?

25th Aug 2008, 20:00

I've had mine since new.

Have gotten used to the brake squeal.

I do a lot of hi-way and found an engine guarded with pegs is good to stretch your legs.

Changed the seat to a Mustang as it's 14" wide, 3" wider than stock, have a Suzuki windshield that helps on trips.

I'm 5'8" and 250 lbs. and it's comfortable for me to cruise steady between fill ups about 150 miles. Also pulling my weight, it keeps up with all similar size v-twins very easily.

15th Sep 2008, 07:19

I wouldn't recommend this bike to anyone. Mine has 2900 miles on it now and it's been in the shop twice for electrical problems, and 10 times for the front brake. It's still not fixed.

The choke is a JOKE. Why even put one on this bike when it doesn't work. I have to use a device to keep the choke out while warming it up.