2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 from United States of America


Absolutely Fantastic !



General Comments:

It is very fast and very smooth.

Handles beautifully, and has low center of gravity, which makes it very stable.

I get about 50 mpg on the average with regular gas, which is what is recommended.

I find the windshield does contribute to wind buffeting along the helmet, but so far it is tolerable. There is no wind in my face or against my chest.

Storage is great under the seat, and in the dashboard, which has 3 compartments for keeping small items.

I have no trouble lifting the scooter off the center stand, however I normally use the side stand, which also has a safety switch not permitting the scooter to start with the side stand down.

I never use the parking brake, since I never park on uphill or downhill streets.

The only slight thing I had to get used to, which was no big deal, was the downshifting of the engine when you come to a stop. I am now used to it.

I have had over 40 motorcycles, from the Yamaha 70cc to the Honda Goldwings with 1500cc. I didn't buy any of the new ones, since they were too heavy for me to push around and make tight u-turns.

Buying the Burgman 650 gave me all the basics of a large motorcycle without all the weight. The feet positioning on the Burgman 650 is very very comfortable, and I love using the handbrake levers. It stops on a dime with NO forward lunging.

Overall, it is the best bike I have ever owned. I never had over 1200 miles on ANY cycle. Now I almost there, and have had the scooter only a couple of months. Good job Suzuki.


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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

11th Feb 2011, 16:39

Yes, a few years back I test rode one with my girl friend of the time 2 up. It was surprisingly peppy, and the auto trans. a delight. I've had a stroke, so if I ride again, it will have to be an easy peezy auto machine, that's a Burgman in my book.