1991 Suzuki DR650S from Guatemala


In love with my Sullivan


Clutch seems to be slipping. Sometimes, when going in 4th or 5th gear, I accelerate and see the revs go up, but the bike just won't go faster. I have found that if I release the accelerator a bit and then accelerate again, then the bike will respond promptly.

Decompressor cable snapped. Using a bicycle cable and cable clamp instead. Will have one hand-made soon, since it is too expensive and lengthy to import one, even through the dealer.

General Comments:

I always wanted one of these beasts. Finally found a 1991 one in good condition. Previous owner took good care of him, but decided to sell it because it was too tall for him and because it is uncomfortable in daily traffic.

The exhaust sound is impressive. The looks and height are just perfect. Despite his age, everything seems to be in pretty good condition and able to serve for over 5 or 6 years more.

Due to his overall dimensions, it is a bit harder than usual to move through lanes and traffic jams, but once you have the room you need, you will fly out of any place!

I do really like him (I call him "Sullivan" from MU - White, Blue and Green) and will be re-painting him and designing the adventure racks for long trips sometime soon.

Would appreciate it if anyone can tell me or give me a probable cause and solution to the clutch issue described above.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2018