1980 Suzuki GS1000G from United States of America


The all time best Liter size UJM in my book


The only thing other than typical wear items was that rust in the tank created a small hole that I repaired with automotive gas tank epoxy ribbon. But that was more of a poor storage problem rather than any sort of flaw in the bike.

General Comments:

The most comfortable bike I ever rode! I broke my back in a wreck on my GS750 and three months later I bought the 1000G. Two months after that I rode it from Nevada City Ca. to El Cajon Ca. stopping only for gas and a meal; 571 miles without any discomfort, not bad for a guy with 4lb of stainless steel and titanium holding his back together! When I got to my buddy's house he said oh man you must be beat and just want to go to bed, my reply was heck no let's go clubbing.

The power band on the G tuned for for a wide torque band rather than a top end rush, but being a 1000 the top end is still pretty impressive. Roll on power is its forte no matter what gear you're in, and with 5th being a gear that pulls strong at anything over 40 MPH, downshifting ends up being used far more often to slow down than to speed up!

I was fairly impressed with the G's handling when I got it, but after adding a set of high end Metzler tires it became a downright canyon carving monster that embarrassed many a sportbike rider, especially since I often had my wife on the back of it and my Vetter stereo cranked up as I passed em in the apex! LOL.

I have ridden lots of bikes in the last 50 years, in the dirt, on the street and the track, but the 1000G is my all time fave, at least until I try a 1100G.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2016

28th Jun 2016, 06:53

After re-reading my review, I noticed I had forgotten to mention some of the nicest features on the GS 1000g, like the gas gauge, the gear indicator, the self cancelling turn signals, and most of all the shaft drive!

Nobody did it better; I've ridden Beemers, Guzzis, Hondas, Yamahas and Kawis with shaft drive and they all have their problems! Only the Suzuki G models' shaft systems perform without noticeable jacking, squatting or causing the bike to be torqued around when accelerating or downshifting.

No fuss or muss from chain oiling, and no more chain noise without affecting the handling of the bike. Suzuki got it right!