1990 Suzuki GS500E from United Kingdom


Nippy runabout


Front discs worn down.

General Comments:

Having been riding motorcycles for 30 years, I have always kept in a time warp and seemed to be riding classics.

I have a Suzuki GT 750 water cooled, and now decided to try a modern bike that would be a lot lighter to use, so I stumbled upon the Suzuki GS500F.

What a machine this little bike is. I have a nice twisty road near me that I have used for years. I know the limits of this road for any motorcycle that I have used, until now. I took the Suzuki down there a couple of times and have found that this little machine can be thrown into corners and it just comes back for more. You can even make a mistake and correct it with this machine.

I have not fully run the engine in yet, but up to now, it feels responsive and smooth.

In traffic this bike handles well and is very tame. The bike itself feels like a 250 to ride and handles like one, but has the looks of a bigger bike.

If you are a learner and want to step up to a larger bike, then try this one. It is very well priced, cheap to insure, very economical to run, and has a good fun factor.

Even for me to step down from a 750 to this 500, I have no regrets.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

28th Sep 2009, 17:02

GS 500. What can you say...? 100mph, 60mpg, nimble handling, bullet proof mechanics and you can get a really good one for around £700. As a nippy run around it's unbeatable, only the hard seat and crap OE mirrors spoil it. But we're nit picking here. Later K model addresses these faults. Very, very under rated.

1999 Suzuki GS500E from United Kingdom


Recommended commuter or first bike


The bike has to live outside 365 days a year, only covered at night, so there have been the inevitable seized brake pistons, one each, front and back. Ten minute job to free them.

There is some slight corrosion of the chrome parts, the mirror stems and fork brace, but it doesn't get much TLC.

It has only failed to start once, when the first really cold weather of last year hit, the battery gave out. I had been going to change it the previous winter, but managed to get an extra six months out of it.

It's a doddle to work on (air cooled and no fairing) so changing oil or plugs for example takes five minutes.

General Comments:

I bought the GS500 as an emergency measure to get me to work when my GPZ600 timing chain tensioner broke. I'm still using it three years later so it can't be as bad as some of this will make it sound!

It's certainly no sports bike, but it's perfect for commuting because it's so small and light. It will get through almost any traffic.

The engine does not like to run below 3000rpm. It makes for a lot of gear changes around town. Above 4000 and it comes to life properly (well, as much life as a 500 twin four stroke can come to!)

The forks are ridiculously soft. More than once they have bottomed out under braking, and given that the brakes aren't exactly brilliant, that is saying something.

Handling is surprisingly good in the dry, mainly because it is so light, which makes up a bit for the lack of power.

The OE tyres should be illegal.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

28th Sep 2005, 01:01

I had a 1996 GS500E. That thing was cold blooded. Didn't run right until it was warmed up. I agree about the stock tires being crap. I was able to tool around on the thing at around 115mph (maybe that's why I blew the engine!)