29th May 2007, 16:33

Update to my original post. I have since purchased an '83 850 off off eBay that was in great shape. Super low miles. It rode like I remember mine rode when it was new.

I swapped out the tank, saddle, instruments, shocks, front fender, headlight, etc. The same as a cheap rebuild, but with all the impossible to find parts in one easy package. Now I ride my old faithful mount looking/riding better than it has in years, and my buddy has himself an ugly looking, low mile 850 that's good for 100,000 miles or more.

20th Aug 2008, 07:36

1983 GS850G - Always a fan of the GS series, this is my 3rd. All it needed at 25 years and 38k, was the brakes bled and the rust taken off the tank and painted. (Took about 5 hours total) Very reliable bike, fun/easy to ride, and plenty of power. Always a recommended series, the GS line is AWESOME.

2nd Jun 2009, 18:02

I have recently bought a fully restored 1982 GS850 (GL) and I love it. I had an enduro growing up, but this is a great first bike, that I know I'll never get rid of (I'm now 30 and can't believe I waited so long to get a street bike).

I ran it for the last couple of weeks, and had an issue with the electrical wiring. The person who had restored it put too many wires in the headlight bucket, and the wires got smashed and arched, which torched my ground wire. Needless to say, I found and bought a stock wiring harness to replace the one that shorted (at the time I didn't know the cause or the damage that was done).

Now, I am sitting here with a stock harness and a screwed up customized one. I was wondering if anyone out there could provide me with some tips on getting her road worthy again. I have the wiring schematic, but the stock harness didn't have the fuel gauge wiring in it (I believe).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, difran@gmail.com



18th Jun 2013, 18:15

To the gentleman that is 66 years old. I hope you ride for years, but if you ever decide to sell your bike, please let me know. I am disabled and live on a limited income, but I can still ride, and hopefully if the price isn't too much, would hopefully be able to buy the bike. I bought one brand new in eighty two, but had to sell it because I needed to spend time with family. They are great bikes.