1980 Suzuki GS850L from United States of America




I'd had my bike for a good long time before I had my first real problem. Can't tell you what year, but it was the start up from winter. It was hard starting, and when it did fire, I could not get any RPM. Stupid me, I spaded carb cleaner into the intake. Big mistake. Diaphragms destroyed, cost 100.00 each to replace.

My most recent problem was again start up in the spring. Was hard starting, and when starting was not fast at all. The idle adjustment did nothing. I gave it to a repair shop for two weeks; came back, said that the some type of adjustment screw was turned too tight and he couldn't touch it. Oh well! He suggested I take to another mechanic who I did know. It sat in his shop for over a year; don't ask, that's how busy he is. He was also supposed to fix the third gear shifter light which was not lit. So went out and bought five. Road tested, still not working. That's my problem. I have asked several shops about no good answers. They say just live with it; what's your opinion?

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Overall it's a great bike.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2018