2008 Suzuki GSR600 from United Kingdom


Soft, fast and friendly... NICE!!


Nothing apart from the gear switch pedal which managed to unscrew itself from the frame... Very weird.

General Comments:

It's been a while since I rode anything with some 'guns' and, I'm happy to say, the GSR600 has more than enough 'fire power'. The power spools up very quickly and the gear changes are slick and very smooth. The engine's a 'buzzing bee' and always sounds like it wants more gears, even at lower speeds, which is... Mildly annoying come to think of it. I like the 'gear number indicator' on the dials (It's actually a digital read out); it's very clear (The speedo is digital, too. Very good).

In the right hands, the GSR will have few problems keeping up with more powerful touring/naked bikes and sportier beasts, but that said, it dishes out 90+ 'gee gees' which is not to be sniffed at!! The bike handles very well and I found that it encourages you into the bends. It feels very stable, very planted and very, very grippy. The mass of the bike is carried low and this really instills confidence. You can flick the GSR through the twisty bits very easily and if things do get out of hand, the brakes are good!

Being a 'naked' machine means, barreling along at (cough) speeds, is a work out. You'll need to duck down and get your elbows in if you're to ride at (cough) speeds for any length of time, and the saddle could be wider and flatter.

The GSR is a 'different' looking bike which I like, a lot! The exhausts are tucked under the 'adequate' (for that is all it is) pillion seat and sit beside the 'binoculars' rear lights. Very cool! The front indicators are mounted 'in' the fuel tank... They aren't really, but they aren't mounted on stalks and sticking out like 'Shrek's ears' as is the norm for 'naked' bikes. As with SO many bikes, the mirrors are a faff and tend to show off the condition of your elbow protection more than what's behind and wanting to kill you. Good riders know that having a good old proper 'head turn' is by far and away the best indication of whether or not we're being chased by 'monsters'.

Overall... I rate the bike 'Brilliant'. It's fast (fast enough... It really, really, is unless you're a dedicated 'bum up, head down' speed demon). It's smooth. It's reliable (so far). It looks a bit 'Rad', too. Top job, Suzuki, on making a Bandit slightly prettier, slightly less 'grunty' perhaps and slightly more user friendly? I dunno... But the GSR600 is a lovely machine. Well done.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2017