2006 Suzuki GSX-R750 from United States of America


Near perfect


The exhaust tuning valve actuator had to be replaced (9,000 miles).

The throttle position sensor had to be adjusted because the throttle was "jumpy" (9,200 miles).

General Comments:

A great motorcycle which is more fun than the GSX-R600, and much more streetable than the brutal GSX-R1000.

One of the most adjustable suspensions of any sport bike.

Because the GSX-R750 has been produced for over 20 years, every aftermarket company produces something for it.

The power comes on quickly, and continues all the way to the 15,000 RPM redline.

The bike can do over 100 mph in first gear, and puts the front wheel in the air with little effort (roll on).

A slipper clutch from the factory, as well as a tool kit with which you can rebuild the entire bike (excluding the engine mount bolt).

Three positions for the factory rearset makes the bike comfortable for most riders, and can be used in one position for daily commuting and another for track days.

With Pirelli Diablo Supersport tires, the turn in is predictable and very, very quick with knee slides easy to perform.

The seat has ridges down the sides, which are there to make the bike look good standing still, but cut into your legs on longer rides (70 miles or more).

Suzuki saved weight by using a very small battery, and this allows the battery to go dead in cold weather in short order. You must have a battery charger if you live in a cold climate.

The bike requires frequent tuning of the sensors and other parts of the bike. With a manual and some know-how, it is easy to do yourself, but if you need to bring it to a shop to have the work done, it becomes very expensive in a short time.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2009

2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 from United States of America


750 is the perfect displacement - excellent handling


I have had no issues with this bike.

General Comments:

The bike is very reliable thus far. Bought it new and have had no issues with it.

My only complaint is that the brakes felt a bit weak, requiring a lot of pressure on the lever; more than some other sport-bikes that I have ridden.

It is not a bike meant for touring, as the seating position is fairly aggressive. This can be minimized at bit by the three way adjustable rear-sets that come standard from the factory.

It has good throttle response and is very quick. To be fair, I was expecting a bit more power, but there is more than enough there to get you up and down all the twisty mountain canyon roads.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2007

2000 Suzuki GSX-R750 from United Kingdom


Bulletproof brute that will run and run and run


I tried to change the oil and filter, but overtightened the alloy sump plug and stripped the threads.

This was sorted by the dealer. The only other thing that went wrong was the speedo light, which packed up (40 GBP to sort) at 10000 miles.

General Comments:

The GSXR 750 WX is not for the faint hearted.

This bike does not boast massive torque, however, if you use the rev range (and I don't mean red-line the bike all the time, 11,500 rpm is plenty) she will fly.

The thrust on the Gixxer makes you feel as if the rear tyre is literally eating up the road. Couple this thrust with a raw induction noise and it is sensational.

The engine is tractable and smooth and you will never need 6th Gear unless motorways or autobahns beckon.

I can see 155MPH in 5th with plenty more to come and no tailing off of acceleration.

For twisties you can leave her in second gear and she will tear way past 95 MPH.

My bike never seemed to need oil, and the oil remained clear between changes, which is testimony to the superb engineers at Suzuki.

I fitted an aftermarket screen, which was fantastic as I found the original too low (no where near as low as say a Kawasaki ZX7R or ZXR750 though).

120/130 MPH crusing (where legal) is easy on a Gixxer with a decent screen.

I am 6'2" and never ever found the bike uncomfortable, which is contrary to popular belief.

Handling - you have to lean/push this big boy in. This is not a CBR600 where you can think where you want to be and you arrive - no - make positive effort and you will be rewarded with a fast cornering bike.

Brakes - The front makes a lovely "hiss" on application and is plenty powerful, however, if you plan ahead and roll off the throttle and pop out of the bubble you will hardly ever need to seriously push the brakes hard. The rear is very much like any other Suzuki sportsbike, you don't think there is much power there, but at low speeds you can easily lock a rear wheel.

Anticipate and use the brakes smoothly and you'll never find the issue of brake power coming up.

Tyres - I ran Michelin Pilot Sports, which seemed to work well in the wet and dry, although I would have loved to try the bike on D208's as I was a great fan of them on my previous Bandit.

Seat hump - sexy. The bike looks so cool with the hump in place.

Summary - Essentially, this is a road legal single seat racer, although by todays standard the bike is easily overshadowed by its newer rivals.

Buy one in blue and white, cherish and pamper it, it will be a future classic!!

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Review Date: 14th April, 2007