2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F from Canada


Comfort and performance in one package


Nothing has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

I started doing mostly longer rides, so I got sick of being uncomfortable on my Gixxer and decided to look for something that was just as fast and good handling, but more comfortable. After a lot of research I bought a 2016 GSX-S1000F and am pretty happy with it. Some people call the GSX-S1000F a sport tourer, although it is on the extreme end of the sport side, so I would rather call it a comfortable sport bike. I guess its closest competitor is the Ninja 1000, which is slightly less sporty and a bit more tour friendly.

First of all, this bike is all-day comfortable. The riding position is more upright than a typical sport bike, maybe only very slightly leaned forward, and it's a very comfortable position to be in on long rides. I have done many 1000+ km days on it, riding from early morning until the sun sets, stopping only briefly to get gas and have a quick bite. Maybe only my butt would get a bit sore after several hours, but the rest of me would remain comfortable on the bike all day. I could not say the same when I had my Gixxer, I'd be sore all over.

As for performance, the bike is very fast. It has more low end torque than any other sport bike I've ridden. But unlike other torquey bikes, it does not run out of steam at high RPM either. On the highway you can remain in 6th gear and still have plenty of passing power, or you can downshift if you wanna go crazy. The bike weighs about 460 lbs, so it's heavier than a super sport, but lighter than any sport tourer, so it's pretty flickable. The stock sound is very nice, I've found no need for an aftermarket exhaust. The stock tires wore out really fast, so I replaced them with sport touring tires, which is what the bike should have come with from the start. No reason to use anything other than sport touring tires unless you're going to be racing.

Reliability-wise, it's a Suzuki, not much else needs to be said. I've had 0 problems during the 30,000 km I've put on it, and have done nothing to it other than lubing the chain, changing the oil/filter, and replacing the tires. Fuel economy is decent, I get about 50 MPG on the back roads. Range on a tank is 300 km on the highway.

My one complaint about this bike is how difficult it is to remove and reinstall the fairing to get at the oil filter. There are a large number of plastic clips holding the fairing in place, which all need to be worked very slowly or they'll break. Accessing the oil filter is a huge hassle; it almost makes me wish I'd bought the naked version.

In conclusion I would definitely recommend this bike if you want something more comfortable than a supersport, but don't want to compromise performance.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2017

22nd Oct 2018, 00:38

The oil filter can be removed without removing (or even loosening) the fairing. It doesn't look like it, but if you try you'll see there is just barely enough room to squeeze the filter through.