29th May 2018, 22:00

Good luck with your new ride... it won't disappoint you!

Don't know if you like to ride with a fairing or not, but I could ride forever (did a 20 hour iron butt once, all the way to Ashville, NC from Red Bank, NJ by way of Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway to do the Dragon).

Comparing to a BMW, two different rides entirely. BMW is refined and you don't know you're moving fast. Adjustable windshield and cruise control were my favorite options. The BMW also had a Corbin seat and ergonomically similar in the way they handled when moving.

However, the "G" really moved, I mean, with the adjusted and tuned carbs and timing (I advanced it to get rid of any hesitation and perfect power) you felt like you were on a rocket.

That and with the GIVI luggage and 200watt Stereo I installed, I got stopped and commented on, by men and women both, as to what a nice ride I was on. Never got that much on the BMW.

Ride wise, both were comfortable (as the fairing, seat mod and floorboards on the G made it so), but, I threw the G through more tight turns, at higher speeds, leaned it, pushed it and flat out opened it up, on so many back roads of NJ, PA, NY and definitely VT. I should have been dead, or at least, in jail for the speeds and illegal amount of fun I had on her.

I took the BMW to the Tail of the Dragon too, but, it was more of a comfort ride, with my wife, yet she was my partner on both bikes and LOVED to go "YAHOO!" fast and would make me do so, LOL.

Make sure you join the "G-Men club" based out for VA. Great group of guys and they'll have much to offer you in parts, advice and friendship built around this ride.

Good luck, stay safe and if you find the fairing for it, get it!