1980 Suzuki GSX250 ET from United Kingdom


Great first bike, and reliable when working! A good introduction


Big end failure at 10,000rpm at 50,000 miles. Bottom end replaced.

Head gasket blowing 53,000 miles. Replaced the engine with a 27,000 mile used engine, cost £125.

New rear shocks. Stock shocks were worn out (Because I took MARTIN on the back!).

Stator coil and regulator/rectifier unit burnt out at 54,000 miles. Replaced with Superdream regulator unit for £45, and a secondhand stator for £25.

Cosmetically has general wear and tear for this age bike.

General Comments:

Bought this bike in 2003 to replace a GP125. Reviews suggested the GSX250 had good handling and better than normal top speed and acceleration for its class (in 1980).

The bike does have VERY good handling with a Pirelli front tyre and a Metzler on the rear. I have had the exhaust pipe grind the road when taking sharp corners! Would be very hard to improve on considering the age, size and weight (175Kg).

I found the ride very comfortable, with the large seat ideal for carrying a pillion and the stock shocks provided a smooth ride until an oil seal blew.

Engine power peaks at 10,000rpm, which is pretty extreme for urban motoring! It will however cruise quite happily at 80mph. Despite the peaky power delivery, it will still quite happily roll along in 5th gear at 3,000rpm.

Reliability: I have given this bike N/A as it has never worked long enough for me to test that statistic! :) Common knowledge suggests that the engine should wave a little white flag around 30,000 miles!

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Review Date: 14th January, 2006

17th Jan 2006, 04:49

Good review - very informative and funny! "Didn't work long enough for me to rate reliability"- LOL!!

10th Jun 2006, 00:33

I had one from new. Always did the oil and filter changes, and used mostly for commuting, so not thrashed, and at 29 K, just as you say, the engines was trash.

I spent the money on it though, and used it to 40K when I got a job where I didn't need a bike any more, and a flat with nowhere to keep it, so moved it on. I did have it from 17 till I was 32 though, and although other more glamorous bikes came and went, I always returned to it because it was just so cheap to run and did all I needed really. Still wish I kept it, but we all have our rose tinted moments.

Just as fast as any other bike in the London rush hour, but still able to give 70MPH and 70MPG on the longer trek home. Of course it did the usual Suzuki trick of battery/rectifier/alternator, but this was my fault as I left it standing for a while with a duff battery. Always disconnect the battery if you are going to leave it for a bit.

Not difficult to work on, but if you move your spanner from a Suzuki's nuts to those of a Honda, the difference in quality is immediately clear.

23rd Jun 2006, 09:38

LoL, VERY true! My bike came from a breakers with about 50,000 miles on the clocks and 11 owners!! Think its history might have been interesting to see! Would be amazing as the engine was original!

As you can see, it didn't last long once I had it, a bit too throttle happy for an old bike. Interesting to see how long this engine lasts!

I still like it, even after buying a new bike (Yamy XJ600 Diversion).

3rd Jun 2007, 02:02

I had a GSX250T many years ago; so long ago that I can't remember what the mileage was. I loved the thing; no problems with it, and when I sold it, I found a GSX400T which I ran, but it did not seem to have the magic that the 250 had, so I sold it.

These days I have another GSX 400T, which I have just bought with 14000 miles on it. Yes, it's been standing for over ten years (bottom end had blown out), so I bought two more for the parts, and I now have a good restored bike and loads of parts for it, so this one will be staying.

It's a 1983 model. It cost a fortune to do, but what the hell, you just don't see them anymore, and I love riding it; 130 miles so far, no problems, and not as thirsty as my ZRX1200 or the car.

21st May 2009, 06:17

Well I'm about to buy one this weekend. Can't wait. Busting wheelies without helmets, I'm the best.