1988 Suzuki GSX400X Impulse from South Africa


A true pocket rocket


My brake pads had to be replaced at 43000km, and my carburetors had to be serviced at 44000km.

General Comments:

I have nicknamed this little bike "the pocket rocket".

It goes like a bat out of hell. The other day I ran it off the clock with a BMW behind me, showing 215km/h.

That's seriously quick for a 400. The only problem is it's a thirsty little bugger that drinks petrol like an alcoholic drinks vodka.

Just above 5000rpm at 90km/h, the petrol consumption increases drastically. Yet that's a small sacrifice for the acceleration and speed.

The other day I smoked the very well known Honda VFR 400NC35.

It comes as no surprise, that as I am running on cut cams and a full performance system, she kicks out 55kw and 42nm of torques.

Not the most comfortble bike around, but for short distances, it's peachy.

Handling and braking is spot on, and the bike only weighs 159kg, so agility comes easy.

Overall, I would recommend this bike to all those who seek fun and performance at a decent price.

It's reliable, and will leave most cars for dead on a 1/4 mile sprint.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

1987 Suzuki GSX400X Impulse from New Zealand


The original naked streetfighter


Rear brake system froze up - needed brake seals and pads replaced.

New pads were squeaking like mad, but adjusting the shims behind the pads fixed that.

General Comments:

For its age, nearly 20 years old, it's got all top shelf kit. Triple slotted disc brakes, monoshock rear suspension, basic as inline 4cyl which redlines at 13000 rpm. Ouch!

Ridden gently, i.e. under 5000 rpm, it's actually quite economical, or would be if petrol wasn't $1.75 per litre. Once you use the upper part of the rev range, performance is spectacular for a 400cc bike, but so is fuel consumption.

It's a lot of fun, very quick, but not insanely so. Very agile. Very light and good brakes, so it stops as well as it goes.

Not the most comfortable seat, but great riding position for rider about 185 cm or thereabouts. The seat is the only part of the body that gets sore. Built for speed not comfort.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006