2007 Suzuki SV1000S from United States of America


Beautiful, bold and ready to bite!!!

General Comments:

I purchased my 2007 SV1000S in the spring of 2010. My intention was to buy a new bike, but the salesman suggested I take a look at the used SV1000S. It was instantly apparent that the previous owner had taken phenomenal care of the bike and added several very costly upgrades as well (nearly $2000 on the exhaust alone). I had the salesman give me the keys so I could hear it run. That was the ultimate selling point, as the bike sounds incredible! Yoshi pipes are amazing!!!

After riding the bike a week or so, I noticed that the stock handle bars were starting to kill my wrist when riding any significant distances. I order a pair of Heli-bars, which solved that issue and amplified my love for the bike. My only complaint left is the seat, as it is very narrow up close and wider when you sit further back. It can get uncomfortable after 100 miles or so. I plan on looking into another seat to alleviate the issue within the next month or so.

As for acceleration, I have zero complaints! No problems passing, entering the highway or any other time where pick up is needed. The bike will get you there quick if needed.

Braking, I was surprised because of how light the bike is, but the bike will stop on a dime! One time I almost felt like I was going to keep going as the bike abruptly came to a halt. The braking feels very even front to rear.

Handling is a thrill as the bike will weave like a snake if you need it too.

Overall, I cannot think of anything negative regarding this bike. I cannot see me letting go of it either. The appearance is stunning, the performance smooth and durability exemplary thus far. Planning on some nice long distance rides this year and super excited about it too. For what I was looking for, the Suzuki SV1000S surpassed my expectations!!!

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Review Date: 4th January, 2011

2007 Suzuki SV1000S from United States of America


A great bike that performs better than an Aprilia Tuono, and is 30% the price of the Ducatis


No problems - completely reliable.

General Comments:

V-twin sound.

V-twin torque.

Fabulous engine braking.

Superb headlights.

Great fuel economy - 50 mpg on occasions.

SV1000S handlebars are more GSXR in style. I've been meaning to put Helibars on the bike to improve the comfort for longer journeys.

A fairly unique bike on the road. When I go on rides with others, other riders have GSXRs, CBRs, FZ/R1 etc, etc. This bike is distinct, and everyone tells me they love the sound. On windy roads, I easily can keep up or set the pace amongst the big inline 4's. Only the CBR and R1's leave me on the straightaway (140mph+).

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Review Date: 16th August, 2010

2005 Suzuki SV1000S from United Kingdom


A reliable, fun, flexible and stylish tower of power


The only niggle I have had with this particular bike is that it seemed to be losing brake fluid from the reservoir for the hydraulic clutch through the summer. The fluid had leaked slightly on the paintwork and stood for a few days.

Since the summer, the fluid level hasn't dropped or leaked any more, so I've been wondering if the heat in the garage expanded a seal somewhere?

This is the only mark on what is otherwise an immaculate bike!

General Comments:

I had the SV650 before the SV1000 - it was a great first big bike with user friendly handling and power, and it sounded great with a can on it.

After 2 years I wanted a bit more power, but loved the looks of the SV. I had heard that the SV1000 was a 'completely different bike' to the 650, with a few people saying "it handles like a boat"... They obviously hadn't done a test ride, because the SV1000 is a great bike, which feels very similar to the 650..

The swingarm is slightly longer, so the steering is ever so slightly slower. I find that the bike is 'flickable' i.e. it'll handle a quick succession of corners without any trouble, but I sometimes struggle to get it to commit to a single/longer sweeping corner. Having fiddled with the suspension settings, it now gives a bit more confidence.

In terms of power, it's a 998cc v-twin tower of power! Roll on in any gear from 3-5k revs and it pulls hard, 5-7k and it pulls really hard, 7k+ it makes you feel like a test pilot all the way til around 10k revs where the power starts to drop off just short of the redline.. With this in mind, you can either have a lazy relaxed ride bimbling along, should you need to overtake just give the throttle a tickle and then relax back into cruising... Alternatively if you want to pick up the pace a little, you can work the revs & gears more and be rewarded with a very thrilling but controlled ride.

There is a bit of a strange characteristic to the v-twin engine. When I first took the 1000 for a test ride, I thought there was something wrong with the bike for the first 3 minutes. Under 3k revs, the engine sounds and feels as though the cylinders have been filled with sand & gravel. Kind of a weird rough/grinding vibration as you set off or filter in 1st gear, then once you pass 3k revs, the engine becomes a typical v-twin throbbing away...

Having spoken to the dealer, other SV1000 owners and other litre v-twin owners, it's a characteristic of ALL 1000cc v-twin engines apparently. Apparently it's something to do with the size of the pistons when the engine is in a given rev range. It took a tiny bit of getting used to, but now it's part of the charm & character of the machine.

This bike is ideal for longer distance riding due to the relaxed and punchy nature of the engine, and I've completed two long distance camping trips without any fuss. Me and a few friends are thinking of heading for Europe this year, I know for a fact that the SV will handle the journey without fuss. I currently get about 110 to 120 miles out of a tank of petrol.

Comfort - the bike has a reasonably focused riding position. The seat is also quite firm so numb bum kicks in after about 90-120 minutes. With the not so massive tank range, this isn't a problem as you usually have to fill up and have a stretch before your arse falls off.

The brakes are pretty much spot on for this bike. Standard pads do a good job of stopping the bike but many people (including myself) like to stick some aftermarket H/H sinterred pads in for more immediate bite.

Everything else is pretty much standard, analogue rev counter with digital speedo, run of the mill Suzuki switch gear... The standard twin exhausts make it sound like a bit of a sewing machine, so I've just ordered a set of cans from a well known auction site this morning. The SV650 sounded great with a single can on it, so the 1000 will sound like hell ripping in half, all being well.

Being a Suzuki, maintenance is simple and straightforward. Mine is 2000 miles short of the 16,000 service, but it's been a while since the last oil & filter change, so I may do that in the next week or two.

To sum up, the SV1000 is a fantastic all round bike. You can ride it like a proper sports bike, or you can load it up with a tent & gear for the weekend. It'll happily chew up motorway miles and then reward you with a thrilling ride when you hit the twisties..

If you're tempted by a Honda VTR, but want something a bit more modern, or fancy dipping your toe in v-twin world of Ducati, but simply can't afford one, the SV1000 makes the ideal introduction to litre v-twins. Go test ride one and then grab yourself a bargain!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2010