1981 Suzuki TS250 from Guatemala


A keeper


Carburetor had to be re-tuned when bought. Improperly set by the previous owner.

Rear shock absorbers bought.

Battery bought.

General Comments:

I used to ride a Custom CX650 as a day commuter, however road conditions were reflecting on it, so I decided to look for a dual purpose bike, and so I came across this lady at my uncle's garage.

He had it since new and took good care of it, using it to move from his garage to his home (less than 5km everyday), and so he fitted it with small injectors for economy.

Before he gave it to me, he replaced the injectors, but the bike was just not accelerating and had no power. I took it back to him and he re-tuned the carb and replaced the rear shock absorbers (old ones were a mess) and the battery.

The bike is now a rocket on and off the road, it handles very well among vehicles in rush hour, and rides great.

I fitted a cone air filter, but it seems she is just not too happy with it, since during hard accelerations and decompressions, she dismays (if I can use that word). I think I will go back to the factory air filter.

Other than that, fuel economy is good, handling is great and parts (not engine parts) are easy to find in Guatemala. I think I will keep her until she dies.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th May, 2013