2003 Suzuki VL800 Volusia from United States of America


Face into the wind at all times!


Nothing really! Regular maintenance, new tires, new plugs and constant waxing! I took it to Detroit with some of my brothers and rode back on my own to home Port Charlotte Fla. 1800 miles. A ride of a lifetime!

I have lowered it, added an air horn, and remote alarm, Mustang seat with back rest, driving lights, changed the turn signal lights in the rear to LED riding and turn signals, LED tag lights and an LED oscillating and flashing brake light, and added a Hard Krome Kickers exhaust!

General Comments:

Due to health issues I had not ridden the bike for 3 years! Of course we know what happens when you leave gas in a bike for a long period, so I started the work of removing the gas tank and dumping the varnish out and flushing with Berryman B-12 Total Fuel System Clean-Up - totally clean the tank, tried it on the carb, no dice to many jets clogged!

I had it once re-jetted due to changing the exhaust and to a K&N air cleaner. So I had to get parts from the dealer, jets, washers etc. to a total of $35 and 2 months work. It's hot in FLA so I did most of the work early morning and late night.

So I put it together, sprayed some starter fluid in it and cranked it to life. She runs really smooth! I am still not confident enough to ride, so I will have a brother take her out and clean out the carbon! My day will come again!! Because I live to ride and she is running and shining!!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2015

6th Jul 2019, 22:26

Good read. Get back on that bike.