2008 SYM HD 200i Evo from Serbia


Much better than expected and priced, only if the fuel and injection would "cooperate" in the future


It is a new scooter, but the engine has stopped a few times on idle after the first regular visit to service (at 300km). The mechanic said it is a bad fuel (often it is bad in my country) and that the fuel injection is disconnecting the power - after that the engine started very easily every single time.

Some "cranks" (not loud to be honest and not disturbing performance) could be heard sometimes out of CVT (automatic gearbox) when starting (accelerating from 0) very slowly or very fast - nothing could be heard when starting "normally").

A front plastic panel (on front of drivers legs) has a small mysterious damage - must be it was screwed too tight in service).

General Comments:

It is a 170cc fuel injected engine and not 200cc as you may think out of the model name.

Almost incredibly good acceleration for that power (some more than 16 BHP, specially from 30 to 70 KmH (excellent torque of around 12 Nm, fuel injection and 4 valve!!!). Probably fast as well, but I have not tried it over 100 kmh (60 mph), because the engine is still settling down. Seems to be a tad better in acceleration than Honda 150cc (let say SH150i or Pantheon 150i).

Brakes (front disk 220mm double piston, rear the same but single piston) are better than expected but could still be better - not an issue if you are not speeding or loading more than 150 Kg)

The seat tends to drag the driver forward, but only when having both feet on the ground (I'm 1.90m tall, not a problem for less tall drivers).

Everybody thinks it is a nice looking scooter, I don't care about the looks.

Poor anti-theft protection - only simply steering lock.

You could place a visor jet helmet under the seat (and it is a big wheels scooter - 16").

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Review Date: 26th June, 2009