2006 TM Racing EN 300 from Greece


Very good 2T RACING machine


Side stand broke off.

No torque at low revs.

General Comments:

This Italian made enduro bike is a great racing machine, but you really have to push it hard to understand what it can do.

It is 300cc, but at low revs (up to 5.000rpm) it is much weaker than any MX 250.

Does not like to wheelie much, but after 5.500rpm, you need to hold tight on it.

It is really made with racing in mind.

It can be detuned to give it some more low power (widening the squish band and dropping some compression), but I would rather recommend going for some other bike.

Very good quality suspension and frame (after 2008, it changed to aluminum).

Many engine parts are interchangeable with OEM Honda (CR250) ones, so not much of a problem there. The engine is bulletproof (as long as you give it some service and piston rings when needed).

The bike feels light and workable, but you will need to be in top form to appreciate its top end power.

Very good 2T RACING machine. Cheap to maintain. Just add oil/gas.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 21st December, 2011