1999 Triumph Adventurer from Australia


It's a fun bike with a well made engine


Nothing yet. The bike has been well maintained by the previous owner.

General Comments:

I purchased the bike for a fun ride and an investment. These bikes seem to be rare here, so it may increase in value. I had an issue with cold starts when I first got the bike, but have overcome it by using full choke and only short goes on the starter; normally two is enough. I found by holding the starter on, waiting for it to fire, I would almost flatten the battery. This tip may help others.

Some say it's an ugly duck, but I don't mind it. It's fun to ride and very different to the Thunderbird.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2017

1999 Triumph Adventurer from United States of America


Best bike I ever owned


Nothing, just general services, tire and oil changes etc.

General Comments:

Sure glad I bought it. It's great value, cheap but reliable. My wife and I have went on long trips and rallies, and always got home safe and sound with no breakdowns or problems.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2014

2000 Triumph Adventurer from United States of America


This is a well balanced road cruiser


No problems so far. The motorcycle has shown signs of long storage/ new machine. It looks as if it has just come out of the factory.

General Comments:

The motorcycle is a good re-introduction to motorcycling after a 30 year lay off. It is exactly what I was looking for.

It has comparative power to my old BMW, 70bhp.

It is a well behaved machine with good handling and excellently balanced brakes.

It tops out at around 120mph. Speeds over 75mph are somewhat painful these days.

It is distinctive, and turns heads whenever I ride it in Florida.

I have just ridden about 350 miles this weekend.

30 years ago, I would not have considered a Triumph. The product and company was problematical. Hence the purchase of the BMW. Today it is a different story.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2009

1997 Triumph Adventurer from United Kingdom


Looove it


Needed the battery replacing.

General Comments:

This is my first bike, after hitting the high 40's and returning to biking, and I looooove it.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2008

1996 Triumph Adventurer from United States of America


Just do it!


The tachometer broke, but was replaced under the warranty.

The front fork seals have been replaced 3 times due to leaking.

General Comments:

I really enjoy this motorcycle. After riding a 400 for 7 years, moving to a 900 was an amazing feeling. For a cruiser I feel this motorcycle handles incredibly well. I have been to several rallies, and always ride with the sport riders and have much fun while keeping up. It has a great power band from 3-8,000 that pulls all the way.

The stock seat is somewhat uncomfortable on long rides.

The small tank allows for a range of about 120 miles. Which is not nearly enough for the lonely roads out west.

Above 70mph the vibration in the handlebars is somewhat annoying on long rides.

I need a windscreen!

I get some kind of comment every place I take it. A real head turner with very distinctive looks and a beautiful Triumph badge that attracts much attention (this really angers my riding buddy on his BMW:) )

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Review Date: 26th August, 2005

31st Aug 2005, 09:23

I have a 99 Adventurer. I use a hd--fxr model seat on my long rides. Also, I made my own backrest for my wife cause the one Triumph offers is too low.

I have about 50000 miles on it now with only a few problems - also I got an inexpensive alternative to the aftermarket exhaust Triumph offers.

28th Feb 2006, 01:40

Top custom bike with as much 'go' as 'show'! Toured France on mine two up - comfy and no trouble!

Gonna export to New Zealand - pretty rare out here!

Gets far more looks than most other bikes!

12th Aug 2006, 13:28

I was looking to buy a Harley, but the Adventurer came up at a good price so I went for it. After doing nearly 2000 miles in seven days touring two up around central and western France, I am so glad I bought the Triumph. I have been trying to get the cissy bar, but with no success, but have found that a Kawasaki Drifter one will easily convert to fit, so I am in the process of doing that.

28th Sep 2007, 22:11

I bought a 1996 Adventurer new in 1998 and put 23,000 miles on it. Lots of fun, draws many looks and all positive comments.

Top reliability until the rubbing block (opposite side of the cam chain from the tensioner) broke in half at speed, pieces spun around and took out the pickup sensor. Very freak failure, probably uninspected manufacturing or material flaw. Back on the road in eight months, but the carbs were already gummed up. Trying to locate Mukuni rebuild kits, rough going. Just a great bike and I want it back!!


11th Nov 2007, 20:49

Just bought a 1996 Adventurer and am very pleased with the progression of the bike. I love the way it handles, but I hate the seat. I love the response, but I hate the stares.

It's a piece of crap plastic repo, but I love the nostalgia.

It's a piece of crap... the chrome is horrible...