2001 Triumph Bonneville America from United States of America


Fun, simple


I purchased the bike after it had been sitting a couple of years. I had to clean the fuel tank and carburetors. Both plugs were completely fouled and the carburetor slides were sticking badly. A couple of afternoons working on it and it runs great.

General Comments:

Nice little cruiser. I have the 790cc carburetted version. Pull the manual choke and it starts every time. I keep both my bikes on battery maintainers when not in use.

While it is not as nimble as my 1995 Sprint Sport, it doesn't handle too bad. You just have to remember this is a cruiser and keep from trying to drag your knees. Try that and the back end will try to step out.

Pretty punchy little motor. Fun at stoplights. Mine has a set of Stayintune slipons that make it sound nice. I use this bike for runs to the store, the doctors office etc. As mentioned, I also have a Sprint Sport that has panniers and a top case if I need to carry anything.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2014