2008 Triumph Street Triple from United States of America


The Street Triple - Street fun, performance, economy!



General Comments:

Great bike! Used for commuting and day trips, the Street triple is perfect. Easy to flick around in traffic, and with upright seating, visibility is excellent.

Plenty of power and acceleration to leave anything/anyone but the most determined sport bike rider in your wake. Very predictable handling.

My only gripe is that it can always go faster, lean over further than I think when entering a corner. I learn its limit someday, but I'm going to sneak up on it slowly.

Averages 42.5mpg in overall spirited but not crazy high speed riding.

Not a good two-up bike, but that is not its purpose. Can be ridden by two occasionally, but they need to be young and willing as the pillion is small and the position contorted.

On hot days (85F+), in stop and go traffic, the engine heat will cook your thighs. The solution is to keep moving, or to splay your legs out, which is not too "cool."

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th September, 2008