2010 Triumph Thunderbird from United States of America


Awesome, awesome, awesome


The only thing wrong is that it makes me want to skip work and ride. Frakking bike is awesome.

General Comments:

I never planned to buy a bike this big. I never wanted a new bike to replace my Shadow, as it was buzzy, so I wanted to look at another engine type, and the Triumph Parallel twin looked good. Long story short - went to a dealer to test a Bonneville, and after a test ride, drove home on TBird 1600. It's a big honking bike; about 800 lbs with all the cruiser stuff.

It's really well built, see the Speedmakers TV show on Hulu - Google Speed Makers Triumph Hulu. A great look inside the Triumph Factory. This bike is high quality. Perfect paint job, and all chrome and steel. No plastic.

Fat wide tire and huge gas tank. It's stunning to look at; even more so to ride.

Down sides are the aluminum wheels tend to discolor, but if you're fastidious and keep it clean and polished, they will hold up. I want to powder coat mine one day.

Many complain of fast tire wear, but it depends on how you drive.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2012

1995 Triumph Thunderbird from United Kingdom


Brilliant and British!



General Comments:

I've never liked cruisers. This is a cruiser, but I love it. Let me explain.

It may look like a classic olde worlde Triumph, but it doesn't have the character of a cruiser at all. It doesn't ride like it looks like it should. It's way way better. It handles brilliantly. It's surprisingly flickable. The build quality is superb. I have owned loads of Japanese bikes since 1982, and their build quality is so inferior to the Triumph you wouldn't believe it. It's like comparing The Rolling Stones with Jedward (awful X Factor singing duo). I have owned mine for 8 years, and it's been stored outside for half that time, but still looks great.

The engine is beautiful in every way. Over-engineered, reliable, good to look at and lovely to listen to. I have sports exhausts and this is the best sounding bike I've ever heard. Far superior to a Harley, which are wheezy, gutless things. The sound under hard acceleration is gorgeous, but not quite as good as when you shut off. The induction roar is truly addictive.

So here we have a beautiful bike, well built, reliable, economical, good handling, and best of all, BRITISH! Buy one, you won't be disappointed.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2012

1995 Triumph Thunderbird from United States of America


One of the best I ever had. I'm sure someone is still loving it today


Cracks in airbox caused engine damage from sand in the first year. Repairs were done under warranty and resulted in a change in the airbox design. After that, NO PROBLEMS.

General Comments:

My Thunderbird was a demo model, so I bought it pretty much new.

The first year I had it, I put almost 30,000 miles on it with no problems.

One day it started smoking a little, so I brought it to the dealer under warranty. They found that the cylinders had been scuffed by sand. I lived on a dirt road, and the inserts for the screws that held the cover for my right side airbox created a hairline crack, and let some sand into the engine. Triumph flew in a specialist to rebuild my top end, and used this as an example to reinforce that part of the airbox. It would appear I had some of the highest known mileage for the model at that time, and was something of a guinea pig.. I could not have been more impressed with the way they handled the whole thing. I only give a 9, because the wear out parts were never in stock; maybe they hadn't planned on needing them yet.

I rode it every day to work, school, on weekends and vacation. I rode it in Florida in the rain, sunshine, summer heat and winter cold. I rode through heavy traffic and wide open in the countryside. I loaded it up with gear, and rode it for weeks on end, up to and through the mountains, or down to the keys. It never failed to get me home.

It was a great bike. Exceptional build quality. Beautiful lines, powerful engine, comfortable and pretty good on gas. Good on the highway and good in the turns.

The three cylinder engine was unique, in that it found a perfect balance between horsepower and torque, and what a great sound!

Not really sure why I sold it after over 69,000 good miles. I ride a Harley now, but am looking forward to buying a Bonneville for my wife...

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Review Date: 4th March, 2012