1993 Triumph Trophy 1200 from United Kingdom


The best for tall people!!!


It is treacherous on new tyres with wet overbanding on the road.

It is expensive if you want Triumph parts.

It uses a lot of oil, i.e. 1 cc per mile.

Its battery needed replacing with a gel battery with 190 Amps cold-crank capacity.

General Comments:

It accelerates the best, i.e. torque hits in at about 3000 RPM.

It gets up to 70 MPH without going much over 4000 RPM.

It gets over 10 miles per litre, i.e. 250 miles per tank.

It handles well and the owner's manual says not to ride it at a constant speed for any length of time, i.e it is a country racer, (not a tourer).

It has a lean angle of 45 degrees above 5 MPH.

It is vibrationless with K&N air filters and rejetting of the carburettors.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2007

1st Aug 2007, 20:09

Great review of a fantastic bike. I've had mine for two years now. Avoided expensive servicing cost from Triumph, by taking my bike to a classic car and bike mechanic. Have it serviced every every 6k miles.

Triumph parts are very expensive, so buy replacement parts from the discounted stores on the net, or from bike breakers. Plenty around these days. My major expense is fuel, but then I don't ride it economically. :~)

Through Germany I got my bike up to 145mph; not bad for a machine almost 15 years old.


1994 Triumph Trophy 1200 from United Kingdom


Top notch sports tourer


Fork seal blew at 16,000 miles.

General Comments:

Last of the early 125hp versions. Very fast in a straight line, roll-on was terrific.

Very addictive and comfy, apart from in town, where my wrists suffered. Big, top heavy bike, was a little difficult as I have little legs.

Was light years ahead of the GS650GT I had previously, and I would recommend it on build quality and unburstability alone. Sad to see it go.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

1995 Triumph Trophy 1200 from United Kingdom


When it works it's great, frequently it doesn't and costs a lot


Where to start?

Having had the bike less than a month, the front brake went from very good to spongy to non existant, with the brake lever coming back to the bars. Bleeding improved matters for a week, then back to non existant, faulty master cylinder seal to blame, replacement of m/c cured that one.

Next the clock died, connections checked, but was the clock unit itself, the fix - ignored it.

Starter motor started making crunchy noises, then stopped working altogether, needed an expensive strip down to fix a known problem with the starter clutch.

After a year of riding the fork springs had degenerated into jelly, again replaced and cured.

This is all in the space of 2 years summer riding, with most of that being long distance touring.

General Comments:

I've always wanted a Triumph since I got my first bike at the age of 17, ten years later I was able to afford one, which will definately be the last.

Look at the fault list for some indication of how much trouble this bike has been. I am really sad to say this, but the Trophy has shattered any illusion I possesed to the reliability and durability of the new Hinkley Triumphs.

On the flip side, when the bike works it is an excellent tourer, hugely torquey and able to go down to 25mph in 5th gear. Acceleration is a little staid for a bike of 1200cc, but I suppose it is a tourer and not a sportsbike.

Comfort is another plus point.

Handling is OK, heavy with a top heavy feel, but when the suspension is in good fettle, it can be hustled with the injection of some good old muscle power.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2005

30th Sep 2005, 15:12

I have only ever owned the one Triumph from new & have mixed feeling about owning another one.

I purchased a new 1999 model Trophy from a main dealer. The machine is a little top heavy & this should be borne in mind when completing slow speed manouvering. Particularly if you're not used to a heavy machine.

I fitted a Scott oiler to mine to help prolong chain life; a modification I would recommend. Why haven't Triumph thought about a shaft drive on a sport tourer?

Mechanically it appeared to be reliable enough; although the servicing costs at the dealer nearly floored me when I received the bill!

The acceleration could be a little more brisk. However, the mid range torque is superb & you get a very satisfying growl in fourth if you snap the throttle open & nail the gas!

However, it was quality of finish that got me down in the end. Despite best efforts at keeping on top of cleaning, I noticed deterioration of the finish in places on the metalwork. Two years later I decided to sell her on before the finish went downhill any further.

I don't believe that I would purchase another Triumph again.

1997 Triumph Trophy 1200 from United States of America


Best used sport tourer for the money, maybe just period


Fouled plugs.

I finally wore out the stock head bearings.

Fuel starvation.

General Comments:

I love this bike. The motor is bullet proof, it handles well and stops even better. The resale is terrible - since you can only buy used now, all the better.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

2002 Triumph Trophy 1200 from United States of America


The Trophy is a beautifully styled, fun riding, exceptional sport tourer


The shifter linkage had mounting bolt which came loose. While this problem seems minor, it takes about 2 hours of disassembly and reassembly to correct properly.

Vacuum hose was loose. This was a very minor problem which manifested itself as a rough idle and was quickly fixed.

General Comments:

This motorcycle has been very reliable as demonstrated by the few minor problems listed.

Although it has a high center of gravity on the open road, it handles well.

It is very to fun to ride, has excellent power and acceleration, and is an all around great sport tourer.

My only complaint is the seat height which is especially challenging for shorter riders. I count myself as one at 5'4".

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005