2004 Vespa ET2 50 from New Zealand


Vespa is the only way to go in round town scooters. Everything else is a pale copy


Dash clock died real early.

Bearings in the steering went around 5000km.

Stand step-handle broke off, making it almost impossible to get the stand down.

Worst was when the exhaust fell off because the bolts had come out.

Glove-box has an annoying habit of falling open every now and then.

General Comments:

The engine hasn't missed a beat, and I love passing all those stationary cars during rush hour. OK Chinese scooters are less than half the price, but Vespa IS scooters, and this is a lot nicer ride than those cheapies; plus it is still going! I love my scooter.

Performance is bloody great given it is only a little 50cc, and it is moving a fairly heavy scooter plus my over 100kg around. The speedo tells me I can get up to around 70kmph, which is fine given I never ride on the open road.

Only hassle is the wet days, which tend to mean soggy socks from the rain dripping off the over-trousers.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

2003 Vespa ET2 50 from United Kingdom


Good for image-conscious first-timers


Nothing major, apart from a few minor niggles.

The glove compartment burst open quite a few times when the scooter was in motion, its entire contents flying out onto the tarmac at Whitehall on one occasion.

Under-seat helmet compartment lock failed after one month of ownership.

Left turn indicator became capricious after 3K miles and doesn't stay in the "on" position unless held by a finger.

General Comments:

A decent scooter, with lots of image and practicality.

Perfect as a first-time two-wheeler, but I am now looking for something with more poke.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2005

2002 Vespa ET2 50 from United Kingdom


Stylish, efficient and great in traffic


Spark plugs foul every 3000 miles or so.

Due to the above, needed a new head at 9800 miles (covered by the 3 year warranty).

Paint scratches easily (thanks to inconsiderate riders who ram their bikes into mine in motorcycle bays).

Changed the rear tyre at about 4000 miles. Had a new drive belt at 6000 miles, rear brake shoes at 5500 miles.

Uses very little two stroke oil.

General Comments:

I bought this scooter in March 2002 as I was fed up of the poor public transport system in London. Reduced my commuting time from 1 hour to 20 minutes.

I used my Vespa every day, come rain, sun or snow for a 14 mile round commute. This included a couple of quicker roads and then about 70% traffic. The 50cc engine surely won't win any prizes for performance (derestricted it tops out at 45mph on the straight), but through traffic I often left more powerful bikes behind due to the Vespa's super maneuverability. Not so good on hills though (particularly when there are two big blokes on it!).

It's very good on comfort, both legroom (I am 6ft5) and suspension work, though the brakes are a bit feeble.

All in all I love my Vespa, I just wish it was quicker so that I could keep up with traffic.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

8th Jun 2007, 05:59

Quick update on the ET2, still going strong at 14,000 miles. Actually, I think the engine is better now than it was a few years ago.

However, the issue of rust seems to have come up, if only superficially at the moment. There is some rust at the back of the front wheel and some more along the edges of the floor panel. So, if you own one of these ETs, then have a look there and try rustproofing it as soon as you can.

Apart from the above rust concern, the scooter has lived all its 5 year life outdoors, and still looks good, drives well and has not really needed much expenditure to keep it going. Main bits have been:

- 2 sets of transmission belt and rollers

- 2 sets of tyres

- 1 front brake pads

- 1 rear drum pads

That's it!

5th Aug 2009, 09:47

I have a 2003 ET2 and I love it!!! Best purchase ever, vehicle wise. I love my low impact on fuel demands and emissions. I have found that my scooter costs little to nothing to operate as well.

While I read comments about the lack of power of the 50cc engine, I say this to you: if you do a little searching on google, for about 200 dollars you can swap the top end over to make it a 70cc. They also make relatively cheap carbs and ignitions, although, they come stock with a weber carb, which is known for very high quality. Just wanted to share with everyone that the number one complaint of these little scooters has a cure. They are plenty quick off the line stock anyway, but I was considering a power upgrade to take advantage of the highway.