2002 Yamaha 125Z Super Sport from Malaysia




I had an Honda NSR from my dad (used it for 6 years). After using it for another two years, I traded it in for a Yamaha 125. After using it for about more than two years, I suddenly can feel that it is consuming petrol more than usual.

Before this it was like, I can use it for 2 days of solid riding once I hit it full tank, but now it barely gives me 1 1/2 days with the full tank.

Other than changing my mainjet and pilot jet, I did not do anything else. I only put .10 larger than the original one, but this was a long time ago. The problem just started recently. Any idea what has gone wrong, cause to be frank I bought this bike "succumb to peer pressure".

General Comments:

The bike is very well maintained and is going very well, except for the problem mentioned above.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2008

2005 Yamaha 125Z Super Sport from Malaysia


Super quick


Mine is catalyser equipped.

The piston rod now making a sound.

There's smoke coming out from the exhaust (never before) ;(

Everything else is great.

General Comments:

Very quick off the line.

Roll on seems a bit slower, but no problem for a 125cc bike

150km/h top speed. This bike should get 170km/h, but my bike seems out of tune or it's my lack of skill. I'm looking forward to challenging an Aprillia RS 125.

Excellent handling and braking (discs front and rear).

Superior look and image ;)

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Review Date: 5th November, 2006

7th Nov 2006, 15:19

Oh dear! If the piston rod is making a sound, you have a big end problem. Soon your con rod will snap, thus destroying the engine. My advice: Don`t ride it. Fix it.

The Yamaha 125Z is not seen over here in the UK. Is it a four-stroke or two-stroke motor? If it is the former, and you have oil coming out of your exhaust, the engine is cactus. I would complain to Yamaha if I were you.

You have either abused the poor little bike to death or have been ripped off.