2003 Yamaha Axis 90 from Jamaica


A great starter for those new to motorcycles


Vacuum hose that operates the fuel valve had a hole in it, preventing the scooter from being started. This was the day I was inspecting it for purchase.

Battery went dead.

Horn went dead.

Carburettor needed serious cleaning after the scooter sat for about 6 months prior to sale. It would take a lot of trial before it would start. Fuel filter also replaced.

Speedometer cable broke.

Spark plug developed a bad leak in the seal, so causing a a flat spot to develop at open throttle. Spark plug changed, problem solved.

Battery went dead again. I'm probably not going to replace it. They are expensive and really not worth it, since I do have the kick starter.

Serious rusting taking place in the fuel tank. Will be looking to have that replaced soon.

General Comments:

This scooter is a Yamaha Axis 90. I bought it used from a rental company, so you know it was in less than proper condition. The overall condition was fair, and I've had a lot of good service from it. It's really the best thing for our traffic clogged roads. Fuel economy is great and it fits anywhere. My main complaint though is that the plastic parts on this scooter are really brittle and will break quite easily. Power is fair (she will do 80km/h with ease, and may hit 90km/h downhill if you're tucked in).

The maintenance is fairly easy to carry out. Two stroke oil goes in the bottle under the seat and fuel goes in the tank just behind the seat. That's it because it mixes the fuel and oil automatically. There's an oil low light to tell you when the oil needs topping up, and a large analogue fuel gauge.

She was mistreated at her previous home so I have to be keen when riding her. I mostly listen out for engine sounds. From time to time the rust from the fuel tank clogs the fuel filter and on open throttle there tends to be a "baawp" kind of sound. That means the mixture is lean, as it's not getting enough fuel. Time to replace the filter. Another tell-tale sign is that it takes more than one kick of the starter to get her going after she has been parked for more than a day.

This is the perfect starter motorcycle. When I bought it I had a car as well so it was not my main means of transportation. I've since sold the car, but will replace it soon. Eventually I will go on to something larger, but for now, it's all I need.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2007