1974 Yamaha DT175 from Canada


Reliable, fun, easy and cheap!


The rear drum brake was filling with water and mud in the trail.

Changed fork seals (one was leaking - they were original ones).

Changed sprocket and chain (they do eat these if you don't lube them correctly).

Still had the stock tire, and were a bit cracked, but OK.

The gas cable broke (mud entered it), had to fit one made with a bike brake cable.

The cable splitter going to the pump and carb was always full of mud. I then just removed the oil pump and run premix, with only one cable going from the throttle directly to the carburetor.

Changed the ignition points (prevention).

Seat cover was ripped off in the trails.

General Comments:

Very reliable bike.

The only thing that went wrong (and it went a couple of time) is the flywheel that got loose and broke the woodruff key. This would shift the ignition timing and the bike would not work properly after that. I had to pop the flywheel off, put a new woodruff key and tighten it all back together. THE thing is that it was my fault. Never tightened it enough. I found I had to tighten it a 40 foot pound. After I done it, had no more problem with it.

The only problem that was not because of me is that the rear brake was filling with water in mud when passing through ponds of water. Had to disassemble to clean it after each rough ride.

But overall, this bike was good. Very good.

Fast bike, great suspension (for small enduro)

5 speeds, 2 stroke.

Not that noisy. great handling.

Braking was OK.

The bike always started first kick even after a winter staying outside at -20 (Canada) with old gas. And yeah, it's easy kicking, you don't need strength.

The bike was never rebuilt to my knowledge, but was still going strong. Never tested compression.

Also, the bike had 2 hole for spark plugs: useful, when you're in the wood and one becomes wacky, just plug the other: take on sec! (the only bike I've seen with this feature)

This bike took a lot, and I mean A LOT of abuse and never said anything. Never let me down once (except for the flywheel thing, but again IT WAS MY FAULT!)

Reliable, fast enough to scare you, easy to work on, Dependable. Cheap. Can be street legal.

Just sold it (and already regret it). Now I have a 1985 CR250.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2009

7th Jun 2016, 08:16

Hi, I used to have a DT 175 twin shock. When I bought it as a 125, I tried putting new rings in it and found out it was a 175, so re rung it, but it was not much faster, but those were my young biker days and I did not know much about two strokes and their workings.

I am 60 years of age now and own a DT 175 MX and 4 more 2 strokes, and still use the MX regularly to have a fun ride out on and love the attention it gets when I park it up.

The 175 MX is a nicer bike to ride, a 1979 model, and it still gives me a grin when out riding it.

Mick Newton

Jacksdale, Notts, England

2002 Yamaha DT175 from Australia


The perfect first bike


Nothing really, the seat has split from being left in the sun all day by the previous owner.

At 8500km, comprised of lots of commuting with some trail riding, the chain and sprockets are nearing the end of their lifespan.

General Comments:

Damn Tough, the Yamaha DT175 is known as unkillable and I wholly agree; with nothing to break or wear, they just keep going.

The reality is, it's a 175cc two-stroke trail/enduro bike, therefore it's not anywhere near as quick as most things on two wheels.

That said, it offers a completely reliable/tough package, very affordably and is a brilliant bike to learn to ride on.

Its also quite comfortable as well, as I have ridden 120km stretches at a time, and can say, although it might take a while, your back/wrists won't be hurting like as if you were on a sportsbike.

And will do 200km on a tank of fuel, plus reserve (when fitted with smaller rear sprocket).

I currently have fitted a knobbly rear tyre and the larger factory rear sprocket, and its ability offroad is much better than I thought it could be.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008