1984 Yamaha FJ1100 from United States of America




Alternator went out. Factory was expensive, so I had it rebuilt for less than 100.00.

Chin fairing; never bothered to replace it.

Second gear would sometimes drop if risen hard in mountains. Not every time, but sounded awful when putting it back in gear. Also it's not fun coasting around a corner.

General Comments:

Pure 80's muscle bike. I was never dropped when riding up HWY 9 or Skyline. Roll on power was amazing; you could just leave it in gear.

Ended up selling it when we purchased a house and had kids; didn't seem to have the same amount of free time. Stopped surfing too. The sacrifices we make.

Last year I got a Vstrom, which is a great bike, but does not have the same power (expected as it's a 650).

I have been lurking on the FJ forum to find another, that is how much I miss it. Like many I looked at the FJR, but it is so expensive, large, and heavy. My plan is to get a 91/93, do the wheel mods and then get the FJ09. My stable will be complete.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2015

1985 Yamaha FJ1100 from United States of America


A relaxed riding position, super powerful, dependable, sport tourer


Cleaned carbs, new tires, sprockets and chain. Oil and filter, and air filter and spark plugs.

General Comments:

Always wanted an FJ1100 and finally found one. It had been in storage for many years. A thousand bucks, and a few hundred to get it back to life. The bike has incredible power. Just pulls so hard. Back in the day a good rider could get in the tens in the quarter mile, and very close to 150 miles an hour on a calm day. There's a fantastic bunch of people at the FJ Owners website ready to help with any problems.

40 thousand miles is just broken in. Six gallon tank. It's a super comfortable mile muncher, that I like the more I ride it. But watch out for the kookaloo! It will scare the pants off ya!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2015