2008 Yamaha FJR1300 from United States of America


The best


It had a recall of the ignition switch, which Yamaha fixed at no charge.

General Comments:

I really had not rode a motorcycle in over 20 years, and was afraid of the power that this one had.

The motorcycle was very easy to ride, and felt very good riding it. It was the best investment I could have made.

The only thing it should have is some type of radio or speaker system on it, or an after market kit you can buy would be good also.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2009

2008 Yamaha FJR1300 from United States of America


The FJR is the best sports tourer for the money!


At this time, nothing.

General Comments:

This bike handles and runs very good. My last bike was a BMW K 1200 RS, and to compare it with my FJR I might be a little partial with BMW. The FJR sounds very good, and like I said before handles good. The only problem that I had was there was too much wind coming in when riding over 50mph, so I solved the problem with a new windshield that is taller and wider. This solved the problem. I also put some heat shields on the bottom of the pipes, so I don't melt the heel of my boots. These are minor problems that was solved quickly and cheaply.

For some people black is the color, but not me. It's beautiful when polished, but some rain or dust gets on it get ready to clean. But the metal flakes added to paint makes the bike stand out. I bought my FJR in March of 08, and really haven't taken on any big rides, but next month I'm going on a coast to coast ride, so we will see how it does. My money is on the FJR.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008

3rd Dec 2009, 19:11

What windshield did you put on your FJR?

12th Dec 2009, 05:24

08 bought new in 4/08, I have approx 10k.

Have change the windshield out for taller, wider.

I have Hippo Hands on the bars as I ride NY wx all year except snow and ice (if I can avoid it).

Have had many bikes from GSXers to Shadows. I love speed and the FJR has all I want or need!!

I find the bike to be very forgiving either in peg dragging sweeps or nailing the brakes (found out under very trying circumstances). The ABS are a phenomenal; ran into a wet cement patch in the dark and had to stomp em; THEY WORK VERY WELL as I am still here and unscathed as I write this.

I have changed the oil and other than tires at 4k (front wore out). I put Pirelli Stradas on as replacements; they are wearing great and stick like glue!! I have had no other issues with the bike.

I intend to run this bike into the next FJR that I surely will buy in the future (if they still are making them when I run this one into history).

No complaints at all to report, just pure enjoyment, and would recommend bike to all!!!

Bob (BEETLE) Bailey.

2008 Yamaha FJR1300 from Canada


A modern bike that separates you from the herd



General Comments:

My first motorcycle purchase was a V-star 1100 custom. It was a great bike for what it was, however, after a couple of years riding I craved a motorcycle that was quieter, smoother, faster, better handling and supplied a lot more of the grin factor.

Parting ways was hard to do, but having purchased a 2008 FJR, I finally have a bike that handles the way I always thought a motorcycle should.

The impression the FJR gives its rider is one of piloting a modern, powerful, capable machine, that is willing, and more importantly able, to perform any task required of it.

The ride is extremely smooth, and although not exactly flickable, it turns and holds a line extremely well.

I absolutely love the ABS brakes; they have a great feel under normal use, and I no longer have to fear hammering the brakes in an emergency situation. (Which I know I will do,again, having already high-sided on another bike in said situation).

This is such a great bike, I will gladly forgive its shortcomings.

It is tall, which is great when riding, but it is top heavy, and if not held completely vertical when pushing it around, it really wants to fall over, at least compared to a cruiser or lighter sports bike.

The seat is super spongy, but still manages to get my butt aching after a half hour or so.

The location of the rear set pegs were a concern, but for me at five-eleven they provide a really relaxing position.

The electric windsrceen is a cool feature, but could offer a quieter air pocket and with less buffeting.

The bags are great, and come off the bike with the turn of a key and a lift of the handle.

Engine heat is really not an issue unless stuck in traffic, and will be great in cooler weather when the adjustable fairing sides are pulled out, to allow the heat to blow on you legs.

The torque will not leave you wanting, and hard acceleration is such a blast it really takes self control not to get foolish.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2008

21st May 2010, 12:39

To the guy who changed from a V-Star to an 08 FJR 1300. Look at motorcyclelarry.com for highway pegs. I own an 08 FJR as well, and I added those on mine, and it makes a lot of difference. This is my second FJR, the first being an 03 model.