2009 Yamaha FJR1300 from United States of America




Grounding harness corrosion - the infamous spider bite. Replaced harness with aftermarket harness and all is fine.

Dealer replaced throttle position sensor (TPS) and electronic control unit (ECU) due to stalling at start-up. This replacement fixed the problem.

Side case outer lids started to separate, as they are merely glued on. I affixed two screws per case to secure the outer lid covers.

General Comments:

Folks with a short inseam like me (31") will need to install a dog-bone lowering kit.

Invest in a more comfortable seat. I opted for Yamaha's gel seat.

I chose to replace the windscreen for better wind protection, and disabled the auto-retract to keep the windshield where I want it.

I installed a Throttle-tamer to reduce the 'choppy' low RPM throttle roll-ons.

This motorcycle pulls like a freight train, so expect to replace the rear tire more frequently than on most bikes.

Like any high performance machine, this motorcycle requires a bit more preventative maintenance than other motorcycles - but it's well worth it!

Overall, this motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable machines I've ever ridden - and I been riding for over 37 years.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2013