1993 Yamaha FZR250 from Republic of Ireland


Not the best 250 out there, but the looks and sound of this bike make it a must have!


FZR 250, Front fork seals leaked, replaced, but later noticed it was the front forks that had rust pits.

Solution was to change the front forks, which was too expensive for bike of this value, so just made sure I kept it topped up on fork oil.

Had trouble taking off on hills due to FZR 250 carburettor problems.

Speedo cable broke.

Clutch cable broke.

Cooling fan stopped working.

Fuses under seat kept blowing.

General Comments:

Not the best 250 bike out there.

CBR 250 is a much better bike.

If you want a good every day quick bike, get the Honda CBR 250, but if you want a bike that is quick, red lines at 18000 revs, looks bigger than it is, and makes a sound with its EXUP Power Valve like a Formula 1 car, then get a FZR 250.

I'm not saying the FZR 250 is as good as the CBR 250 (because it's not), but my God it looks and sounds great.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

6th Aug 2020, 19:33

Cannot agree with poster, brakes were amazing. Stopping this weight of bike is no effort. The handling is effortless. Just press either foot pedal, lean on the handle bar end, and you have changed direction.