1975 Yamaha RD 250 from United States of America


Out of my league


It stalls. But very rarely.

General Comments:

First, this is my first motorcycle. I saw the cafe racer style look, and fell in love with it while I was researching this particular bike after finding it within a 50 mile radius of my zip online.

It's a 1975 Yamaha RD 250, and despite a very little amount of rust, and a ding in the gas tank, this motorcycle is in impeccable shape. Especially for 38 years old.

The seller failed to mention in his ad that practically 90% of the bike was original. I didn't find out till I drove an hour and half to the dealer. It's a beautiful motorcycle and runs like a champ.

Before I purchased the bike, it was my intention to modify it to a cafe racer look by buying and installing 350 cafe racer parts like the seat, tank, cam, etc to make it a more legit cafe racer. But now I'm on the fence, and I'm not motorcycle inclined enough to make the right decision on how to proceed with this motorcycle. I'm willing to put in the time, sweat, and money to perfect it, but I don't know how to mold this classic machine without ruining its originality.

What would you do? I'm all ears.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2013

1975 Yamaha RD 250 from United States of America


Fun in a Quarter Liter package!


It has been sitting for nearly 30 years - brake master cylinder needs to be re-sealed. Oil pump has been disconnected. Some bulbs need to be replaced.

General Comments:

Will provide a detailed review once all of the work is done to bring this classic bike back to the shape it was in back in the 70's.

Held up well after being stored in a New England barn for nearly 30 years.

It starts first kick (No electric starter here). Runs well.

Planning to replace the tires, fork seals, and whatever else it will need.

These little two-stroke 250's weigh in at approximately 300lbs. They are rated at 30 hp, and top speed was listed in the 90's.

It's sibling, the RD 350, tops out at over 100mph and runs mid-14 second quarter miles.

I owned a new RD 350 back in the mid-70's, and wanted to pick up another one. I saw this little RD 250 with such low miles and just had to have it.

I love the white with red stripes paint scheme, as I also love the 350's orange with black.

Although the acceleration is quite good for

little bikes (even by today's standards, their handling is absolutely second to none.)

The RD 250 & 350 are simply the best handling bikes of their era, and of this era as well.

I also own a Yamaha XJ650, which is an absolute blast to ride. Smooth, comfortable & powerful.

I've never owned a Yamaha I didn't like.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2006

20th Jun 2006, 05:47

The 1975 model year was the last for the RD250 in the USA.

The RD350 went on for a few more years as the redesigned RD400. (The RD250 continued a good run in Europe)

This was the time period when motorcycle manufacturers were phasing out 2 stroke street bikes for the US market.

Too bad, I miss the days of the $1000 new motorcycle that you could ride cross country if you were young & dumb enough!

Either of these bikes were capable of that (enough power for the highway) if your back & backside were.

Back then, you would even see 125cc "Enduro" bikes cruising down the highway. I know, I rode one!