2007 Yamaha Roadliner Midnight from United States of America


The Roadliner is VERY satisfying


Nothing has gone wrong to date.

General Comments:

The Yamaha Roadliner Midnight is a wonderfully engineered motorcycle.

The looks are not a cookie cutter of the Harley Davidson, though it shares the air/oil cooled V twin layout.

The Roadliner has a really nice engine pulse and engine counter balancers keep the vibration to a minimum. In most situations it's very smooth. 1854 cc displacement is huge by any standards, and it has an abundance of torque on hand when I feel like stretching my arms a few inches.

Seating position was easy to get used to, and the stock handle bars are wide for better low and high speed handling leverage.

Fuel mileage is consistent at 42 mpg. Throttle response is flawless with an even power band.

I don't believe anyone who owned a Roadliner would want to sell it to try another Big V-twin as a step up.

The Roadliner is as good as any big cruiser out there, and better than most I'm told. That is believable.

I'm ecstatic about the Roadliner.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th November, 2011