2003 Yamaha RX135 from India


Purchase it if available, models after 2002 with 4 gears


Indicators needed to be replaced, and I did replace the catalytic silencer, as the older one gives better mileage, RX 100.

General Comments:

It's the best average giving motorcycle; 50 km pl in 2 stroke bikes, plus it has power and torque.

Full marks to Yamaha and thumbs down to the Govt of India for stopping the production of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2008

2002 Yamaha RX135 from India


She will never give up on you


The original headlight was never good.

Ignition key hole is not water tight, and that leads to problems in the rainy season.

Lock set needs a change now, after 70,000 k.m.

General Comments:

I rode it to Ladakh, and she moved like the wind. NO MAJOR MECHANICAL FAILURE, except for a dead spark plug and a punctured tyre.

I have hardly found myself spending too much on its maintenance. Very cost effective.

Extremely good in urban traffic as well, and its light weight only adds to its value.

Conveniently priced spare parts, but she hardly ever grumbles for parts changes.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2008

1999 Yamaha RX135 from India


No other bike can replace it


The engine got some damage in it after few years, which makes some sound.

The brakes in it have gone terribly wrong.

The front suspension is very weak and gets problems for a small crash.

The pickup is amazing. This is not a bike for junior riders. Boys who are ready to meet the devil can readily ride this bike.

General Comments:

Good to have stunts & thrills.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

2005 Yamaha RX135 from India




Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The best motorcycle money can buy, and one of the best resale valued in the market.

For example, even after using one for five years, it will repay 50%, which is not true for any other brand in India.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2006

18th Sep 2006, 06:05

I also believe that RX135 is the best. Can you please let me know that where I can get a new RX135?

Is it still available or not?

Mail me: hegde.praveen@gmail.com

10th Nov 2006, 08:53

Except cold starting problem, and low fuel efficiency, all other things of the bike are really superb.

27th Dec 2006, 12:05

Hi, it's the best I have ever driven!

Is it still available (new) in market?

Where can I get one new or secondhand (2 or 3 years old)?

Mail me: happiebains@yahoo.com

11th Jun 2008, 22:39

Hi all... it's no longer available in the market.

If I am not wrong then, the last year of production of the RX135 was 2006.

Though I was a RX100 fan all my life, I had to get myself an RX135, since I had to send my RX100 for a paint job, so that I can get a fitness certificate for it to run on the roads legally with out any problems.

And coming to the RX135... I am not at all disappointed in this bike.

It has a great acceleration, which matches the RX100, and runs almost as fast and smoothly too.

It's a fantastic replacement for the cult 100 cc bike, the RX100.

2004 Yamaha RX135 from India


Every bike lover has to have one


Use your choke every morning to start the engine.

A bit low in fuel efficiency.

Gets heated quickly when you take it on a long ride.

General Comments:

The bike has a no nonsense design.

It has one of the best road-grips with respect to its size.

The best gear ratios for a bike.

Not to forget is the acceleration. It is quick and smooth.

The engine's sound is great and makes every ride a pleasurable experience.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

17th Dec 2015, 17:23

Not true at all... The bike starts on the 1st or 2nd kick anytime... just a bit of priming to be done by cranking the engine once or twice with the fuel open and ignition off would do the trick. Amazing smoothness... especially the cat-con silencer models. Fantastic bike all round.

1999 Yamaha RX135 from India


Must buy for an executive to premium commuter


Needs a fork overhaul about every 12000KM.

Side locks get stuck and need replacing every 2 years.

Fuel cock had to be replaced after 15000KM.

General Comments:

Neat acceleration, cutting through is so assuring, and is among the best at braking.

Not much of maintenance, other than fuel consumption (about 40KMPL).

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Review Date: 14th October, 2005

2001 Yamaha RX135 from India


Great engine, but many other niggles


Bearing failure at 12000km.

Electrics were problematic - battery failed at 10000km along with frequent other gremlins.

Handlebar lock is separate from the ignition and has broken 4 times to date.

Ignition switch has also failed and needed replacement.

Kick-start gear broke at 12000km.

Accelerator/odometer cable gear broke at 14000km.

Persistent cold start problem, which refuses to be fixed, even after timing, plugs,ignition coil, carburrettor were all checked.

Accident damage caused the entire front suspension assembly replacement -- parts were not available for this interim model, and I had to fit RX100 forks which incidentally, are better than the originals.

General Comments:

Performance is excellent -- no complaints there and every ride is pure joy.

I love the acceleration, the smooth power of the engine, and the lovely exhaust note.

Handling is good, but hampered by the brakes which are drums all around and poor. Replacing them with discs is not economical as the forks need replacement too.

Original headlamp was very weak, which I had to replace with halogens

Fuel economy is ok -- only 30km/l

Main complaint is the quality - so many things should not go wrong, especially with such low mileage

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

22nd Nov 2007, 07:25

The above said complaints are true 200%

29th Nov 2007, 18:07

The RX135 is made in either India of China, so therefore the quality is going to be quite poor. Anything made in India or China, I would avoid. South Korean products are okay, and Japanese much better still. I will stick with only Japanese and nothing else.