1986 Yamaha SRX400 from United Kingdom


Good fun transport


Rev cable.

General Comments:

I own an SRX400 grey import, which was fairly cheap to buy.

I love its simplicity. Its single cylinder 4 stroke engine feels unburstable. It's in good condition and I think it will run for years to come.

Its only fault is it's kick start only. You need a good right leg.

It's based on retro cafe racing bikes. I like its style.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2006

22nd Feb 2007, 00:54

The auto decompression system makes kicking that engine over easy. Even my worn srx400 (1986) starts 1st kick, usually!

Starting is only a problem if you flood her, the plug gets fouled or there is no petrol in the tank. The right technique is to turn the engine over a few times, no choke or throttle. Then kick hardish with full choke and again no throttle until she catches! Easy!

I'm putting an electric start XT600 engine in, and the kick-start is going to be the thing I miss most.