8th May 2020, 15:27

A very thorough and accurate review.

I got back onto two wheels back in 2001 with a Townmate. As I never needed to take my test (in the 70s you could ride up to 250ccs) I decided it was now time to do this. Unfortunately it meant trading in my Townmate for an SR125. Passed my test and graduated to larger bikes, but always missed my Townmate. I now have a 1995 model which I love and cherish. Every ride is an adventure. So much so that I had planned to ride to Slovenia this year - 10gallonstoslovenia.wordpress.com

Sadly Coronavirus has put an end to it. Next year I will try again.

2nd Aug 2022, 09:47

I went around Spain on one of these; a truly remarkable little workhorse that never let you down. It was my first bike, and I agree with all your criticisms i.e. the 6v electrics and the inconveniently low first gear. I made a habit of just taking off in 2nd. I would add that the bike was a little underpowered, and competed poorly in the slow lane with the trucks. Why 79cc for Pete’s sake? As a 100/110/125cc it would have been perfect.

I once had a nasty incident, when the front tyre blew, and the bike went into a death defying wobble. The culprit was a little piece of flint, and ever since I’ve never ridden a bike with spoked wheels requiring tubes.

All said and done, a great little machine.

2nd Dec 2022, 10:19

Have owned my current Townmate since 2015. Had one previously in 2001, but traded it in for an SR125 to do my test on. Missed the T80 so much I just had to get another one.

I now ride a 1200GS, Honda Vision 110 and the Townmate. The Townmate attracts the most attention and comments. The Vision is the perfect shopper (although I did ride to Slovenia on it this year). The BMW is a heavy great lump, but the only bike considered suitable for riding with the local advanced riders group.

Other people's reviews are spot on. The Townmate is an amazing little bike which does everything my old LE Velocette aimed to do, but with less weight, better reliability and easier maintenance. The real plus for me is that when I go to a meeting of the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club, I just ride there on the Townmate. Other people, unless they are local to the meet, are having to put their machines into a van and drive there. I have ridden from Kidderminster to the Lake District and back on the Townmate, and included the Hardknott and Wrynose passes. No sweat.