2009 Yamaha TMAX from United States of America


The handling will surprise you



General Comments:

Extreme excellent balance and handling, very comfortable and almost wind free ride. The TMAX will take hairpin tight curves better than any other sportbike-crotch rocket out there. I can balance the TMAX upright stopped at a red light without my feet touching the ground. I can ride the TMAX down the road at 70 MPH and hear the birds signing in the trees.

You won't win any races with it, but it has no problem on hills and with any legal speed limits. Top speed is 105 MPH, gas mileage is between 48 to 52 MPG. A full size helmet will fit in the underseat storage. Brakes are excellent as good as any crotch rocket.

Very easy to ride, any beginner can ride one, a excellent bike for a long distance ride.

I did and will and match and exceed any other sportbike on any curve anywhere with my TMAX, when I ride my TMAX with other sportbikes they slow down for a curve, but with my TMAX I speed up and take the curve at full speed, then I have to wait for them to catch up. The extreme handling of the TMAX will surprise you! Yeah, I get harassed cause it's a scooter, but that scooter will take tight curves better than your bike!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2010

5th Jul 2014, 02:00

I guessing here, but the other pilots you came up against, I bet you could have changed bikes and still beat them. So probably not just the T-Max at work here.

Yes a T-Max does handle fine, as I owned one. I also have owned several crotch rockets, and the T-Max does not handle any better than they did, so I am thinking you have ridden with less than stellar pilots.

Just my opinion.

2008 Yamaha TMAX from Portugal


Maxi-Scooter QUEEN!


Nothing up until now.

General Comments:

Magnificent machine, it's not just a maxi-scooter, it is REALLY a motorcycle!

It handles and approaches corners like on a traditional bike, it's stable at high-speed (cruises at 160 Km/h) in high-ways, very very secure feeling in any terrain or weather conditions, plus the performance of the ABS is remarkable.

If you still insist on calling it a Maxi-Scooter, then it must be Maxi-Scooter QUEEN!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2009

2009 Yamaha TMAX from United States of America


A scooter that surpasses most motorcycles


Nothing. The bike has been flawless. Thumb the starter and she comes to life without fail.

No problems after 1 year of ownership.

General Comments:

This is the second maxi-scooter I've owned. I returned to motorcycles after 23 years in 2006. I choose a Honda Silverwing scooter as my ride. Loved the experience, but the Silverwing lacked the handling and the looks for me.

When Yamaha announced that they were releasing the TMAX in the US market for 2009, I placed my order with the dealer even before he had official pricing. I took delivery of the first one delivered and have not regretted it.

The bike is beautifully built and handles exceeding well. I can maintain balance at nearly a dead stop. It is very flickable and joy to ride in all slow and moderate speed conditions.

Prolonged high speed riding becomes a chore and the 500 CC's are working hard after 70-75 mph.

Seat is uncomfortable after a short while. It is hard and unforgiving. Aftermarket seat or added cushioning is advised.

Seat position is high and body design forces legs out when you try to touch the ground. This would not be a good choice for a shorter rider.

Handling twisties is fun and predictable. Especially when you consider this is a "scooter".

Wind buffeting around the windshield is troublesome. A better shaped windshield would solve the problem.

Wind protection overall (i.e. body and legs) is far better than on the 2005 Silverwing.

I added a J. Costa variator as well as a Yamaha top case and bracket, and a Yamaha "tank" bag. Better acceleration and great storage capacity.

Fuel economy with the J. Costa averages 55 mpg.

0-60 times in the 6 second range with J. Costa installed.

I look at other bikes to determine what to move to next; so far I have not found a better combination of all around biking pleasure.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2009

17th Apr 2011, 06:16

I own the Tmax. If you add any aftermarket windscreen (I use the Givi ST245) it will be a 100% improvement in wind buffeting and noise. Adding 40 psi in the rear and 35 psi in the front tire will greatly improve its tight twisty curve handling and improve tire wear. I run my Tmax hard and make long trips, and it's excellent. Plan on taking it camping, hauling a tent and camping gear!