17th Oct 2008, 14:01

Great review.

I have recently bought a TRX850 after 15 years of not owning a bike (used to ride GPZ600r, etc). The bike is great as it has plenty of usable power, but not too much to go crazy on. It also is much more nimble than other bike I tested (VTR1000, VFR750, etc)

25th Apr 2009, 01:21

This is possibly one of the best informative reviews. Thanks for that. I own a 1995 Japanese import. I was looking for ways to remove the limiter, but possibly shall not attempt after having read this review. There are plenty of UK and German sites providing after market and OEM parts for this bike.

6th Mar 2010, 05:42

You should be writing for a bike mag... thanks for your great review.

8th Apr 2010, 07:48

Excellent, just what I needed to know. Thank you.

16th Jan 2011, 04:36

The TRX is one of those enigmas. They don't look much on paper, but as a package they deliver. They are one of those bike you ride on a daily basis. An all rounder with a sporting slant. A bike that can be ridden hard with confidence, and by and large, has won the respect and admiration of the biking community. The write up here is pretty well on the ball. Looks like I'll be changing my inlet valves soon LOL.

18th Jan 2011, 03:09

This is the bike I've always wanted, almost had one when I ordered from a dealer, but the bike got damaged in transit, and I ended up buying a Ducati 750 Monster. That was in 1999, and I still think about the TRX850, and what my life would have been like if I got it. Thanks for the great review and positive comments from all of you; I feel like looking for one again.

20th Sep 2011, 19:02

I bought my T-Rex three or four months ago for two grand, and it's the best bargain I've ever found! What a FUN machine! So easy to ride like a hooligan, and you don't need to do two hundred k's/hr to get that rush. I suspect Yamaha got hold of some unobtainium from Pandora, and made certain frame parts out of it, because it refuses to fall over when other sports bikes have long since gone, sliding along on their sides.

There's all the power I need to have HEAPS of fun; all the power is available to a frustrated hooligan like myself to use. A lot of current bikes have waaaaayyy too much hp for your average punter to use safely, and even the pro's only get to use all the available hp on long, open tracks. This bike is the best kept secret in motorcycling!

13th May 2013, 06:49

I test rode one today and I felt right at home almost immediately. It was light, responsive and fun. The exhaust note from the twin Staintube pipes is the sweetest sound I have ever heard out of a bike. It's a 1999 model, black and in 5 days it's mine. Can't wait to get on it again. My other bikes... 1976 GT550, 1976 GT750, 1981 GSX110, 1999 600 Ninja, 2001 R1 and 2009 M109R Boulevard never gave me this feeling. Yeah, I guess you could say that I like it. Cheers mate.

3rd Nov 2014, 11:31

Very helpful review. Thanks a bunch!

11th Mar 2016, 19:55

Excellent review - agree with everything said. Blue spots from an R1/R6?Fazer etc are bolt-on replacement and worthwhile, cheap upgrade (get the M/Cylinder too) R6 shock plus adapter is also likely to cost less than £100, uprated fork springs and that's the chassis sorted.