1999 Yamaha TTR250L from Canada


Best 4 stroke trail ever


Oh what a bike...

The back tire tube went a few times.

Electric starter had clunking issues, but I never fixed it.

Burned oil bad near the end :( (bad valve seals).

Oh this bike was die-hard. It was a TTR250L dual purpose that was used for 4 years of motorcross with no mods before I got it. It was worn out pretty much and still performed. 6 speed would do about 130 km/h and it had endless torque.

The TTR 125 and TTr225 are a joke compared to this bike. It was NICE too. Copper header to a big muffler made it sounds beefy and it was stock. Good tires helped a lot, I cat-walked this bike from my house to Kensington which is about 2.5 km and it had no trouble!!

General Comments:

It was very quick and would beat my buddies Honda XR200R, and they both had 6 speed gearboxes. Oh how I wish that thing didn't go to pieces. Only reason it did was becasue it was used in motor-cross with YZ's and Rm's, and the only downfall was its suspension wasn't designed for jumping 30 feet in the air. It held its value real well too. Guy from Match-less cycle said it was best damn bike ever!

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th January, 2007