2005 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom from United States of America


If I had to do it again I’d buy two


Passenger seat attachment has been recalled twice.

Exhaust attachment bolts have rusted already (the bike stays outside all the time without a cover).

Left mirror has rusted due to the dealer not taking off the protective plastic.

General Comments:

This is my first motorcycle and I love it.

It looks bigger than it really is, so even though it looks impressive, it is still easy to ride.

It does not fly off the line, but it has plenty of power to keep up with traffic, and it can cruise at interstate speeds without complaining.

It is very comfortable around town, but on long trips (3+ hours) I start to get pretty sore.

The seat is very low to the ground so people with short legs (I have a 28 inch inseam) can put their feet flat on the ground. This is good for beginning riders because there have been a couple of times that I would have dropped the bike if it had been higher off the ground.

The clutch took a while to get used to, but as I said it is my first bike, so I just assume that was normal. After a few days in the parking lot, I had very few stall outs when I took it on the road.

The looks were the main thing that drew me to this bike, and that seems true for other people as well. I get a lot of comments about how nice it looks, even from Harley riders.

If you are new to riding and you want something easy to ride, but that you will not want to replace in 6 months, this bike is for you.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2005

29th Jul 2006, 13:31

I also have a V Star and I love it! (200 miles on her so far). I noticed the clutch issue even as a first time rider; I tried to adjust the linkage on the port side, and it's smooth sailing!!!

Take care,


20th Aug 2008, 03:27

I am a new rider and I took a suggestion from a friend to get a 650 Yamaha... I love this bike... I bought it used with 6100 miles on and it had aftermarket pipes.. it's louder than a lot of the Harley's I've been next to.. and many riders think it's a Harley till they get a better look.

I wanted a Harley, but was surprised how much I like this bike. I laugh at the people who say that buy Harley, it's American, but do they know more than 40% of there parts are made.. not in the USA. Hell, for the price of a Harley you can buy three or four of these used. Hell, give one to a friend.

22nd Sep 2008, 12:28

I purchased a 2004 Yamaha V Star 650 Custom from my brother-in-law last month. It had just over 10,000 miles on it and is outfitted to the max, to include Vance & Hines aftermarket pipes (with associated re-jetting). It's looks and sounds a lot bigger than it is.

I've already put over 500 miles on my bike, and look forward to many, many more happy miles on this impressive motorcycle!