1991 Yamaha V Max from United States of America


Powerful as heck without the loud noise


WOW!! The V-Max is a "hellafide Beats." I sold my '96 Sportster Sport. I wanted something with the same power without all the noise. I bought the '91 V-Max. Dude, when the V-Boost kicked in it was like a dream.

General Comments:

Buy a V-Max!! I bought a used one and I am extremely pleased. It has fading on the plastic vent covers, hell I'll just buy new ones.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

1991 Yamaha V Max from United States of America


I was having a ongoing problem with the battery staying charged. I actually "bumped started" the bike several times. The starter bendix went out, and I had to replace the starter. Cleaned all the cable connectors. I bought a "Battery Tender" in 2002, that I keep plugged in all the time, and this seems to work well.

It is the most cold blooded, hard to start when cold, bike I have ever had. I have to keep it choked for several miles, or it coughs and sputters. I've only owned Honda before this bike.

General Comments:

I've had this bike since 1991 and still love the acceleration. I do not ride it hard and am only on my third set of tires.

As far as changing the bike, I have had it lowered so I can touch the ground flat footed. The Corbin seat is much more comfortable, but it makes it hard to fill the tank.

Slash cut pipes give it a more cruiser look and sound.

Just added a Yamaha sissy bar to help the dear wife to stay on.

This bike has been very satisfying for me. After all of these years this bike still amazes me. It is still fun to ride, it gets a lot of attention, and is still well thought of in motorcycle publications.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2005