2002 Yamaha Warrior from United States of America


Twist the wrist and fall in love



General Comments:

This bike is a torque monster. It loves the curves, and until you scrape pegs, you haven't really let it do its job. It is truly a great ride in stock form.

When I first bought it, there wasn't much in the way of after-market parts, but a lot of manufacturers are getting on board with it. There are forums out there just for the Warrior, with a lot of these riders reinventing the bike over and over again. It is easy to modify, so hands on type of people can change the bike to their personal taste easy.

Now the few things to address.

The stock seat is not for two, along with the foot pegs for the passenger.

After market seats are from $250 to $1000, depending on the style and types of backrests. Foot peg extensions are also easy to come by.

The "water heater" exhaust.

I know of a few that really like the stock exhaust, personally it was the first thing I changed. Most all bike exhaust makers offer something for this bike as an alternative.

Recalls (4) since '02

Transmission clip.

Gas tank washer



By the way these don't apply to all models, check your VIN# with Star and see if your year is involved.

There has been a few, I haven't had any problems, doesn't mean someone else didn't. Either way they are covered by Star with nothing out of your pocket, so get them done.. It's not worth the chance of damaging your bike or you.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2007

2007 Yamaha Warrior from United States of America


Outstanding form, fit and function married into one fun package


Not a thing has gone wrong with the bike yet.

I was still breaking it in when a 15 year old kid pulled out in front of me and it was laid down. The reason I wrote that in is that there is a part that isn't available from Yamaha that got bent, so this is something to consider when buying a NEW motorcycle.

General Comments:

The Yamaha Warrior is the definition of Absolute POWER, this bike is a sport bike in cruiser clothing. The fit and finish of the parts is virtually perfect, almost gives the impression of being hand made.

The exhaust from mile 4 is quiet at first, but livens up once the bike gets warm and has been ridden for a while. It never gets too loud, but it does turn to a deeper, more "hot rod" sounding the more you run it.

The seat is comfortable, but a friend that has the same bike says there are better ones out there for long haul riding. The bike just seems to "fit" me better than any other cruiser.

It rides smooth as silk handling the bumps with ease. Even railroad track crossing are gentled by the Warrior's suspension.

The rear seat is small and the passenger's foot pegs are a little tall, but that is fine with me, I like riding single with other riders.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2006