2001 Yamaha XJR1300 from Australia


Great grunt masters if you're under 6ft


Nothing to report; just the standard replacement parts.

Fork seal replaced at 4500km's, along with a rocker gasket.

Uses the same oil filter and "O" rings as the Honda single cam 750/4 and 95 Triumph triple (Sprint/Thunderbird900).

Balancing the carbies was a dream with the vac ports on the manifold.

Also a lot easier with the factory Sc/driver (Part/No90890-03158).

General Comments:

As far as naked bikes go, this is running 2nd to the GSX1400.

Nothing else in the naked range comes close; forget the Bandit, it's a whole different bike altogether, and the ZRX1200 is only if you're 5ft6.

The seating position is the only problem with this bike for people over 6ft. Really only good for day trips, & not for long range touring


Lots & lots of lazy grunt on hand, & at its best on long twisty roads.

Will blow most super bikes at the lights with it's grunt master torque for the first 100m. If you wish to silence the bubble gum sports type, get a GSX1400 for street light use.

If you are going to buy this bike to commute, think again. It's not that type of bike, nor is the GSX1400/ZRX1200.

These bikes are for day rides, & showing 20 somethings on there sport bikes at the lights who's the boss over the short term.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2012

2006 Yamaha XJR1300 from Croatia


Gorgeous and enjoyable to ride



General Comments:

Bike is a absolutely gorgeous, which is the main and only reason I bought it.

Since it had no faults, the only thing that is not good with this bike is insurance price and fuel consumption (6.5 l/100km easy driving, up to 11 l/100km if you push it to the limit) in relation to other bikes.

Since it is quite big and heavy, it is not suitable for city but on open roads, especially with long curves, it is really enjoyable to ride.

Acceleration is really good, and you have enormous torque at any rpm.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2010