1977 Yamaha XS1100E from United States of America


One of the best bikes you can buy, EZ maintainable


Honestly, there was nothing wrong nor went wrong. It was practically a turn-key machine.

General Comments:

In 1977 the factory supplied each dealership one XS1100 for test rides, which I did. Loved it so much I left info at 3 nearby dealers, "If you ever sell this bike, please let me know, I wish to buy it." This XS1100 shamed ALL other bikes on the road at that time, even that notoriously fast CB1000-6.

After buying it from a nearby dealer I readied it for a cross country ride. First had to get used to it since it's over double the CC's of my previous 2 bikes. Month later I was off. Left with snow on the ground, returned with snow on the ground, 7 month ride! It had so much power it had no issues pulling my (home build trailer & hitch) 1,000 Lb trailer the whole trip, even in the hills of San Francisco or C. Vetter's steep driveway. During this trip I did change the oil at 3,000 miles.

Upon return I did the usual maintenance, oil change, filter, general lube here & there. ODDLY the oil was ever so faintly dark so I tested it, IT WAS STILL GOOD! Filter still looked brand new. So I left both in but kept a close eye on it.

At 77,000 miles when I changed the oil (for the 3rd time) the oil filter still looked good, but after touching it I noticed it was rather stiff, the element cracked. New oil & filter, it's ready for another trip. BUT... an extension cord's electrical short garage fire took its life. Carburetors were still good though the boots weren't. Bike was rebuildable, but my heart wasn't.

To this day I still miss it, currently a GL1500 owner with 1/2 million miles under my tush.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2023